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wip of this character, Jack Havock, from Larklight, the book im reading :) wip. suggestions and crits appreciated =]
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R0B3R7 wip of this character, Jack Havock, from Larklight, the book im reading :) wip. suggestions and crits appreciated =]
gatrosk 2008-12-10 20:23:12 Make your pictures smaller haha. Nice sketch btw.
R0B3R7 2008-12-10 20:28:34 heh will do 6^^ thanks =]
gatrosk 2008-12-12 09:35:16 Btw, I really like this picture, I think you should finish it.
Zeph 2008-12-12 15:31:43 i think you should practice varying line thickness, it could add a lot to this piece
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Random art
This is a quick sketch design for my character. Its not finshed yet, i will upload the finshed picture soon. Im learning photoshop at the moment, its my first picture done with cell shading on photoshop^^
an unfinished version of the pic of me and charlotte my beautify gf (she on here as vivi) i fixed the ear i colord a lil bit on photoshop but the finnished 1 is gonna be watercolor
Well, semi old piece that i couldnt get around to display for reasons that dont really matter anymore...ANYWAYS, fan art piece for zelda: the wind waker and cover art for last months issue. First hand at watercolors after a couple of years, and as a first experiment with them, i was pretty damn pleased :D. Hope you fellas feel the same way
The Raging Spaniard
It´s not really mangaish but i tought i´d show you guys anyway.again i´m having problems with colors not closing again, so i deleted the colors I tryed something but that diden´t work well I guess I´l just have to wait until some good ideas come into my head.
This is the destroyer... the final boss of Romancing Saga 3 on Snes.
He is an person or tracks down the criminally insane. He is schizophrenic.
By the way this is a rushed pic so a better one will be uploaded soon
Sketch-Line art: Adobe photoshop CS2
Color: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Tools: Wacom Graphirre 4
Estimate Time: +- 12 Hours
[This is the uncoloured version] Page 3 of 'Wildflowers'...
Hey guys long time no drawing
wel heres one for ya got a problem with finding a scanner so hi name is acnor and he shoots plasma beams well upload yal later
Geisha... There is this name Angel written down in the drawing cause its suppose to be this girls which now here is geisha signature.
GAH i'm new! wow i acctually was arsed enough to do a decent background
A hip hop fashion girl
my anime style? please? it's a samurai..what do you think?
Sooraaaaaa ^^