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i used one of my friends for inspiration on this drawing. (
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InuYasharox i used one of my friends for inspiration on this drawing. (
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Random art
unfinished pic of the vampire lady...BLOODLUST!! lol
A random drawing I did during my break periods at work. There really wasn't a whole lot going on that day, so the staff didn't really mind. 

In case you're wondering, the cape is attached to his waist. Dunno why, but near the end of the drawing I pictured the character design of Cloud in FFVII:Advent Children and decided to add that in. Unfortunately, as I realized later on, it doesn't really work when you're not looking at the design from the front or back. Oh well.  :P
Just sketching...
Trees have dropped their leaves...
a woman warrior

pencil colore
Meditation - Picture number 2 of 3. When all three images are looked at, you should be able to see the story being told. (Although this isn't actually colored, I placed it in the "Color" section to keep all three images together.) Mediums used: Pencil and paper. Time taken: 15-20 hours.
hello :)
ode to strawberries <3 the best fruit ever
This is my elf archer with an exceptionally simple and un-imaginitave BG!! :P still needs some work but i wanted to put it up anyway. Hope you like it.
im so happy with this ^-^ i got the effects the way i want them yay ^-^ i thought id draw a killer that dont look like a killer .... but is a killer =^-^= i hope u all like it ;) and let me know at u think please =3
Collab pic with Arathus Thanx!!!!!!
YAOI!!! For my best friend. The only one i will ever draw this for. Happy Birthday