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i used one of my friends for inspiration on this drawing. (
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InuYasharox i used one of my friends for inspiration on this drawing. (
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Random art
:raven:got bored and made this ;
her head my be alittle big 
not sure lol
Hey :). A mecha I designed and drawn in PhotoShop. Yes mousedrawn again -__-. But the outcome concept wasn't really what I hoped for. I wanted to create a whole different angle perspective actually. But it took some time, so I'll leave it like this. Here's the better resolution if you want to see better quality, cause it sucks in small mode :P>>>> ....... I know mecha art is rare on MWS, so I hope some one will like it XD!
hey.. so I draw this one..
it to long ago that I draw something like this^__^
Well, this is my first drawing ever of Ryoko. I didn't want to edit this one, so I just kept it the way it was scanned. (As you can see I've used this pic for my avatar) I've drawn her because of all the emotion that she holds... I just felt down and I drew this.
a sketch i did character designing
First try drawing a girl with dresses and other girly stuff
another black and white pencil drawing.
the eighth page of princess nightmare
very hard
pls comment my work..
Someone once asked me to draw something like this, so here it is :P
C&C shall be tresured somewhere inside that thingie that pumps blood :3
Not manga-ish, but I wouldn't be the first to submit something that isn't manga. I did this for an art trade, and also to get out some practice with watercolors. Yeah.

hehe, pretty much my freshman year of college