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finally finished.  I probably should have taken more time with the metal armor, but I got tired of repainting so I hid most in the shadows ;).
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edragon finally finished. I probably should have taken more time with the metal armor, but I got tired of repainting so I hid most in the shadows ;).
SHIN 2008-11-25 19:33:27 is this 3D? cause it looks like 3D =)
edragon 2008-11-25 20:54:01 lol, nah it's all done in photoshop. You can see the beginning rough stages on page 2 of the art lists, I think.
gatrosk 2008-11-25 23:07:52 Dude, amazing as always. I must ask though, what did you use to do the lighting? Like the light showing between the branches? Anyways, quite impressive.
edragon 2008-11-25 23:59:37 the light showing between the branches is just two layers of white in the shape of the light rays with varying opacity and layer effects. I think I used color dodge and overlay, but I don't remember the opacity levels.
Yaz 2008-11-26 09:01:30 Woot! excellent finish dude. Eyes are great.. You have given me an Idea!
AILEEN 2008-11-26 10:46:58 it took me a while to realize what the whole image is about because the light/shade/texture make it look complex! this is well done!
edragon 2008-11-26 13:47:38 preciate all the comments you guys :)
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Random art
What do you think of this one ^^
(and once again don't mind the fingers..)
Playing with microsoft paint...
i colored jun it took long but it was worth the time 
feels like i need a backround if you have any 
ideas comment
Shot of Koruss from FirePath. He's such a twisted genius.
hello,well i draw this demond girl from a manga dont remember the name i did it with a regular pencil then painted her whit color pencils.. it took me about 1hour and 10min...well what do you think??? and how it turned out???
well i like this pic but something seems not right about it HELP! .... please?
Story and Characters by me. Background and shading by my roommate
I hope you like it^^
Colour version of my last post ..... well semi-colour anyway ........ OMG Llamas !!! *walks into a tree* @_@
meh, it's been a while, hasn't it? I need to post art up more often ._.;

In any case, this would actually be me, with my two best friends Sarah (left) and Katrina (right). hehe, diversity is great. Sarah's the band groupie (she seriously stalks Terminal xD) and Katrina's the fantacy-obsessed punk. and I'm...the dorky eccentric? lol in any case, that's out little circle of friends. I <3 them muchly. ^.^

Anyhoo, I may or may not color this some time, I'm not sure. I was planning on coloring it to begin with, and had it all inked and ready to scan in, but then one day at school I got immensely bored and shaded it, and this popped out, and I loved it! xD so for now, you just get to bask in the glory of the b&w version until someone bugs me to color it xD;
Made this cute mini-comic a while ago... The pic has its flaws, but I'm pretty satisfied with the way it turned out, I like the pic as a whole. And: it has a background! Whoohoo! ^_~
the same of the last one
my design of a hollow enjoy
this is fanart of naruto

omg i just LOVE hinata <3

made this 2 days ago. the head of naruto is a bit off...but i like it quite allot :)

your opinion is more then welcome!