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finally finished.  I probably should have taken more time with the metal armor, but I got tired of repainting so I hid most in the shadows ;).
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edragon finally finished. I probably should have taken more time with the metal armor, but I got tired of repainting so I hid most in the shadows ;).
SHIN 2008-11-25 19:33:27 is this 3D? cause it looks like 3D =)
edragon 2008-11-25 20:54:01 lol, nah it's all done in photoshop. You can see the beginning rough stages on page 2 of the art lists, I think.
gatrosk 2008-11-25 23:07:52 Dude, amazing as always. I must ask though, what did you use to do the lighting? Like the light showing between the branches? Anyways, quite impressive.
edragon 2008-11-25 23:59:37 the light showing between the branches is just two layers of white in the shape of the light rays with varying opacity and layer effects. I think I used color dodge and overlay, but I don't remember the opacity levels.
Yaz 2008-11-26 09:01:30 Woot! excellent finish dude. Eyes are great.. You have given me an Idea!
AILEEN 2008-11-26 10:46:58 it took me a while to realize what the whole image is about because the light/shade/texture make it look complex! this is well done!
edragon 2008-11-26 13:47:38 preciate all the comments you guys :)
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