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Tetsu Character Sheet
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Yaz Tetsu Character Sheet
R0B3R7 2008-11-19 20:31:47 reminds me slightly of the joker for some reason =] is he a villain?...erm bad guy*?
Yaz 2008-11-20 09:31:59 lol Yeah he's a villian. He's The Young business Tycoon thats taking over.
Caffeine 2008-11-22 14:13:22 I like him, I seriously think I'll try n' draw a fanart. Although I'd name him something fancier.
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Random art
i have uploaden this drawing on mine old account. Sorry for the inconvenience.
im really happy with this one. Comments and Crits would be appreciated greatly.
okay , for one this picture prooves that some people (like myself) can get worse by drawing more...seriously , I'm a self-respecting artist , but the sh*t I keep drawing the past month is beyond words...I make too many mistakes , can't come up with original ideas or poses...I'm telling you , I'm in a downfall! but no worries , I'm going to take drawing more seriously an will be taking art class 8 hours a week! if that doesn't help , well...
Okay, coloured!! Please comment^^
[[fixed#2: the hand] IT IS NOT A BIRD! D=  but a hand .~~~~  mhhh so i colored it and looks good, after so much artistic lazyness for so long i forgot how to color >_< eeeek!!! if thats even posible XD ..... What i like: i do like how the pants squeashes the flesh under the ribcage <3; i love the colorwork on her pants *_* looks spiffy; generally speaking i like this image it's realxing drawing this stuff .... what i dont like: the hand holding the scalpel i dont know why but it looks odd underneath the pinky finger >_< ; her nose and breast look lifeless; and her torso looks wrong, the pose i went for wont show as i imagined it D=. <.< >.> C&C welcome as always <3
Last upload for a while now :P Made a paint drawing, in paint ofcourse. Personally i like my last one better then this one, but tell me what you think.
:D:D:D:DOh my goddess:D:D:D:D
My first Naruto based fanart ^^;. Done in an Open Canvas 1 session all last night with Teddy, I drew.. he watched ;b. But yes, its a 'chibi' Gaara from Naruto, done in about... nnnn... I want to say 4 and half hours, mostly because of inbetween AIM'ing and PM'ing in Gaia ^^.<br>
<i>~~Bee 1/29-30/2005, eeeearly morning ^^</i>
Fanart for "Nausicaa of the valley of the wind" ^^ With Nausicaa herself and Teto the fox-squirrel
Work In Progress
Happy Halloween! (well, not yet anyway...) Lineart for my HW pic this year, done in pencils and will be colored soon. 
Dustin C.
this is the first mech that i have done
Long time no upload..... *Sigh* I need more time per day :p
Def Character
This is Buttercup!
just something I did when I finished my exams...