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I was just trying out different styles. I know some aren't as tidy as it should be, but eeehh, I'm not doing it all over again :)
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Inevidence I was just trying out different styles. I know some aren't as tidy as it should be, but eeehh, I'm not doing it all over again :)
R0B3R7 2008-11-13 17:35:28 nice job =] personally, i like the one holding up the notebook and the beauty pop
gatrosk 2008-11-13 20:48:42 I like the upper-right hand corner! ^_^
SHIN 2008-11-14 03:55:58 lucky star FTW! hahaha
edragon 2008-11-14 12:03:38 Beauty Pop gets my vote! XD
Yaz 2008-11-14 14:16:37 I like that top right frame as well! These are tidy enough haha
Inevidence 2008-11-14 19:55:00 haha, thanks you all :D I'll post more when I make more ^_^
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Random art
I'll upload the colored version soon....I guess.
Well, Zelah, my little merman in the middle of the change between a merfolk and you can see his lower part transforming into a pair of legs. (Didn't put mature labbel 'cause I think is not ;D )

For better quality and bigger size, visit my DA page n_n
A pic I did a while ago ^_^ You guys should at least ignore the arm in front because I think it is not positioned entirely correct in relation to her pose .. I tried to draw her a bit from a down -up perspective but it didn't quite work out that well .. Anyway, just somekind of 'witch' chara although, apart from the broomstick, she doesn't really look like one .. ^_^
it was hard to draw this at first but it was worth it
A nice kitty, this I drawed next to my computer. I was verry bored, so look at him with a big smile :D
The kiss of death

C & C pls
this is a pratice with markers. It looks better in real life, i can't get his skin tones to show up :(
Ayumi you can find the rant here(the rant is good) "the new teen titans" and "teen titans go" ENJOY
I was bored so i tried to make an pic of a girl not using any reference XD
Muru Kitty
Action manga ongoing serie.

Page 19
been pretty long since my last i thought i'd just upload some of my sketches:P
this one's (obviously) inspired by UT.
ultraviolence uber alles,baby!
I made it scanned it and created it mwah hahahaha

this is a character from my manga I'm working on. his name is Kenji Nagashiwa, it is originaly a character my girlfiend made up and she wanted me to draw a version of him in my style and use it in my manga. this is practicaly my second design. my first design was made a year ago or something XD here is a link to her version of Kenji