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more stuff, hopefully I can keep up this drawing momentum!
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edragon more stuff, hopefully I can keep up this drawing momentum!
gatrosk 2008-11-13 08:39:51 Holy crap dude, this is pure amazing. Like seriously, how did you even do that?
edragon 2008-11-13 11:24:59 LOL, thanks for the comment gatrosk. I did it with photoshop, and some inspiration from all you other artists here at the workshop.
pencil no jutsu 2008-11-13 14:04:52 woow i really like it you know you`r stile looks like mmmm street fighter ^_^ if that is good to you if not i didn`t say any thing .....>_>
edragon 2008-11-13 14:45:05 ha ha, all good. I love that street fighter artwork.
gatrosk 2008-11-13 14:49:33 Hehe no problem dude. You should join our forums, could always use an awesome artistic mind like you hanging around the forums. Especially with stuff like this floating around.
edragon 2008-11-13 17:23:54 I'll have to check it out. I don't know how much help I can be, I'm not too good at tutorials or instruction ha ha.
R0B3R7 2008-11-13 17:37:52 great job =] and to add to gatrosk's post, it's mostly not about tutorials or instruction, just like random topics, suggestions, art help/'s lotza fun :D
Inevidence 2008-11-14 04:20:03 Ooh, very nice stylization, melikes :)
Def Character 2008-11-15 17:11:28 Just give it a go edragon <(^_^ )
Def Character 2008-11-15 17:12:11 b^^d for the drawing btw
edragon 2008-11-16 16:36:07 preciate all the comments :)
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Random art
Hey (^^) I'm JJ and still learning how to draw :P. I'm the lil bro of Kinjima and a friend of Hayate.
This Character Is Hikorta
sources from honeydew XD XD
"Wonder land"
Done in colored pencils, black marker and ink pen
What do you think?
C & C please <3 thanx

Sorry because of the blue pencil drawning but I only had this pen when I was visiting my grandma...|-)
lol its cute...........................................
and here;s another one.  hopefully I can color all of these and compile them with Photoshop
Quick 11 minutes sketch I made of my girl. Colored it within an hour. So fast work, that still looks kinds nice.
Need to upload more and more. waaaaaa :3
this guy is a fighting wizard ......................................................
My favorite original character and my favorite College football team XD. Experimenting with halftone and grayscale toning. Photoshop.
This is Teruki from Antique Cafe. Is a fanart of him. His other members are extra in here ^^
so I am planning to ink and color this soon... just wanted some quick crit on some things, mainly the guy's legs, (Is he too tall?)
I also posted this in the forums under work in progress, though that may be against the rules, lol
i havent been on here in ages due to my pc dying ^^ any how here is Aang from avatar ^^
this is my second ever pic done entirely on a tablet it was done on opencanvas 1.1 so if anyone wants the event file just email me ^^