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What's up workshop.  It's been way too long since my last upload so I decided to get off my lazy butt and draw something.  Check it out!
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edragon What's up workshop. It's been way too long since my last upload so I decided to get off my lazy butt and draw something. Check it out!
R0B3R7 2008-11-08 09:43:36 i think the red and purple lines kinda drown out the pic 6^^ it looks good except i can't actually see a lot of it.
Zeph 2008-11-08 20:07:43 it's very stylized and i think that works with this picture. nicely done. and it's good to see you back
Def Character 2008-11-15 18:09:29 interesting
AILEEN 2008-11-19 08:47:19 i think it's a fresh concept for dark-themed illustrations and I like it! Perhaps I can also work on something with this kind of effect.
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Random art
[This is the uncoloured version] Page 3 of 'Wildflowers'...
For Rin, 'cos I felt like it. I had horrible flu going on while drawing this. Had to run to blow my nose(or homever that is supposed to be said) every two minutes.^_^
Its A Pirate!
Billie the Penguin
last pic i did with the denzegar character, there were errors that def pointed out. i just drew the character over to see if i could get it right this time around... c&c me def!! :P
Coloring in progress for first sketch I uploaded.  This was done back in April 2006... and then I just kinda abandoned it <_<; (scanned lineart, color in photoshop)
cows are the mooiest =3 ... XD i got that from a kid's song, it was cute so *hugs cow* i tried to make it cute *hugs cow again*. Oh, btw, i got my site running
Quiet times so pendakodoodle time :p
Def Character
i am going thourgh some famliy problems rite now 
sooo i made this out of 
anger......ill be gone for a while not that any of u will notice.....cya!
sketch a day, 1-1-09
Dustin C.
                                                                             myfirst drawing
^^ an elf girl and I like it ^^ done for a friend
Couldn't help myself, I needed to DRAW something of my own besides working on these comic inks ^^;.<br><br>

Sketched my character Bee out in the back of the van on the way home from work, redesigning her to fit me a little better. Long untamed bangs that can only be held back by two ponytails, jeans torn at the heels, ink all over my hands and face, and tired baggy eyes ^^;.<br><br>

Still chibi though. Pencils and inks on cardstock, circles done with a compass, scanned and toned in Photoshop 6.<br><br>

Done just tonight.<br><br>

Now.. *yawns* back to work... X3<br><i>~~Bee 4/2006</i>
Manga Art
Decided to do something different today .... it resulted in this bunny/deformed pikachu/ monster thingie .... I also found out that I'm awful at sewing >.<''