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Happy Halloween!
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Wandering_Musician Happy Halloween!
R0B3R7 2008-11-01 01:25:33 lol it's a little light 6^^ can't really see it...but you too!!! :D
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Random art
My first drawing on Oekaki <3
Colered Manga Art.
Dark Elf Chibi Archer i made years ago, got it stolen once :P Darn art grabbing free server >_> too bad for them the ONLY one who can use it is ME and NCsoft :3 ( Lineage 2 character )
Here one of my favorite pirates, BUGGY
i made this one with pastel.
i made this because of something that happend witch broke my heart.
it was hard to draw this at first but it was worth it
A colored version of my drawing of L from Death Note. L feels blue with his Love Note

2nd page of my old Fragile comic. Wanted to push the detailing a bit more than in the first page, was really just curious how much I could get away with since it was all greyscale.
finally i can post some new art 
here is another page from my sketch book brand new yaa
comments are wecome 
ps. which one of these characters shuold i color 
u tell me
wee, purple xD  still love that color ^^ anyay, a girl named Devon at my school asked be to draw her a 'punk princess' a while back, and this is the result.  I tried out a new coloring technique.  I like it okay, but I think I'll probably revert back to smudging next picture xD  ah well.  The bg I'm not too happy with.  Just kind of random.  But I couldn't think of a less-abstract scene that would make sense behind her ._.;; *sigh* ah well
a new made character with evil fish.....hehehehe....her name is Lili.....
This is a drawing of one of my main characters in my manga.
... (