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dante again...
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fushicho dante again...
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Random art
Once more in a bad mood just drawing random things
Yep, I guess I should try and find other drawing topics than girls showing too much skin all the time.. It is fun, though.. Anyway, I'm not sure whether the body / face is correct so opinions are welcome!
artwork title: Sapphire is your smile

original artwork by me!
...i dunno if this counts for the nudity? but you can't see anything...
I've tried to make a manga style picture from a real photo. Whado you think?

I used fineliner copics and colour-pencil.
Practising with my markers. That's why it has no background and she's leaning on a random pole: because it's just for practise ^_~ also I don't have that many different colors so my possibilities are limited. Markers have their disadvantages, but I'm pretty satisfied with this one. Tips anyone??
Some of the OC's from my new story/soon-to-be comic. Neon on the left, the city spirit on the right.
This is what i look like most of the time^i'm a cybergothic too and i love art^^ hehehehe...if anyone here is narrowminded i sugest you all look away cause yeps i am a goth relevant and nope...i'm not gonna kill you((yet)) HOPE you like it :D!!!

XxX to the fans
"SHEIK" my fav character of  The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
when i thought i lost the one my friend made my friends is better......................................................
woooh, merry Chrismas to you all!!
Kenji and Ayame from my series "Kaze."
The Shepherd. comments and crits please!
i planned to only make a cute dragon but i made a background too.
..witch i don't like...