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another character...his name is dante :) cuz i love that name!!
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fushicho another character...his name is dante :) cuz i love that name!!
pencil no jutsu 2008-10-23 14:44:06 he looks like that small ice kid from bleach ^_^.
fushicho 2008-10-23 20:09:10 no relation or ispiration at all...i don't read or watch bleach...^^;
pencil no jutsu 2008-10-25 16:59:25 ooo ok lol ^_^
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Random art
latest work yet. hope you like it.

Much newer pic. ^^ This one is of Ryu and Kei floating in mid-air. Warning: both are nude, but no "naughty bits" are showing. ^_~
This is a story about 2 kids, their village was attacked by a powerful demon. These 2 who have escaped now begin their journey to become the strongest swordsman and priest-spellcaster! And hopefully they rescue the world from the demons! ;p
Ive been doing a lot of character designs/sketches lately (basically lack of time makes me.. :P) So heres my first dwarf since Im big on the whole medieval stuff these past weeks. Theres some un-dwarfly features here and there, but I wanted an original design first and accuracy second. Hopefully ill get to use this guy more in the future, fun stuff!
The Raging Spaniard
Fear the demon cow, it wants to eat your soul O_O''
Yoko - Gurren Lagann
Dustin C.
listen to this while viewing
Practising with my markers. That's why it has no background and she's leaning on a random pole: because it's just for practise ^_~ also I don't have that many different colors so my possibilities are limited. Markers have their disadvantages, but I'm pretty satisfied with this one. Tips anyone??
Kept it rather simple, hope ya all dig it.
Ryu from Streetfighter offcourse. Always streetfighter N shit... Cant help it. I should draw more Tekken art.  Anyway, made this one in class real fast. Scanned the sketch and coloured it. Im pretty pleased with the results, although it has some flaws. I dont mind. But in a month or 2 im certain i will dislike it again.  Shinkuuu..tatsumaki senpakyuka... -__- ....
i just made this with the oekaki putting this here for those who dont even know theres an oekaki board on mangaworkshop...
 Hello again - I decide to draw Akari from Last Blade . Its messy - I need to start spending more time on my stuff -_-;
Woot! Night elf!
The title of this piece is Night Elfe; and was inspired by World of Warcraft