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Dead Robot  >____<
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GaoGaiGar Dead Robot >____<
Kimiko 2008-09-09 12:19:45 Oh that's so sad,, makes me cry T.T
kandy_pish 2008-09-09 17:04:49 cool cool,not bad, great acctually.
R0B3R7 2008-09-09 20:22:13 i like how the crack under his eye makes him look sad :D
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I haven't drawn anime in a LOOONG time. So I'm really please how this came out. There's a lot to say about this, but i'm gonna spare you all the reading. Riku's anatomy is a little off with the torso area, and his hand...well i stopped drawing when i got to it. Kingdom Hearts II. Comments?
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I dont come here often anymore..dotn got the time to draw accept for school..But i finaly did some work of my own again,turnd out pretty okay..
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Good night peepzzzzZzz...
her's my main character from the book I'm writing...all thx goes to mirage maiden for her design...thx a lot!!^o^
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itachi!! ^___^ = <3
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