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Sunflower Girl

using Copic Markers
Artist Description
GaoGaiGar Sunflower Girl using Copic Markers
pencil no jutsu 2008-09-09 04:09:13 O.o waaaaaaaaaaa verry cool colouring
pencil no jutsu 2008-09-09 04:09:14 O.o waaaaaaaaaaa verry cool colouring
pencil no jutsu 2008-09-09 04:12:15 oops sorry ^_^"
GaoGaiGar 2008-09-09 05:12:35 Thanks ^______^ copic markers are so cooool.... you should try them .
kandy_pish 2008-09-09 17:08:06 i wanna try it XB i don't know where they sell XD but any ways, nicely done
R0B3R7 2008-09-09 20:21:20 oh wow that's fantastic for markers :D i love it
Wandering_Musician 2008-09-09 21:50:50 wow soooo good
GaoGaiGar 2008-09-10 09:41:00 Domo Arigato ^o^
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Random art
XD  I hope you like it
This is a drawing i made when i couldnt sleep ^^
let me know what you think
allright! (again) heres the ken sketch i was talkin about..i think this is probably the best of the 4 i did, my next step is gonna be a real drawing based on the marvel vs capcom universe, so lets see what turns up
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because of taking a look at the link in Dustin C's description, I also HAD to draw a dbz fan art in my style XD well here it is. it kinda looks strange though XD
I mysef call it.....'Ifrit's eye candy' ^^'. I had forgotten my holy drawingbook, that's what the stripes are for.
Gomenasai~! (My bad-.-) I know, photo again...anyway, its ink on pink vanguard. Some random characters i created as classroom decoration for x-mas...^-^
Still, do comment~!
well this is also one from my sketch book .. i only had like 4 markers .. so every drawing i made durning my vacation only has those colours :P
just a page frome my sketchbook saske and some chicks whatever
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I was trying out a new style to draw with, because my current style isn't appealing enough ( at least that's what I think ) anyway, this is the kind of style I want to use for my next doujin, I think..(>.>) still experimenting
Last upload for a while now :P Made a paint drawing, in paint ofcourse. Personally i like my last one better then this one, but tell me what you think.
Uff, i finally managed to get out of there alive :7  anyway, i'm alive and i brought something with me, i changed the process for putting the colors and i think i finally found one that looks fine :3
Please C&C, i can smell that death is nearby...
The sultan's life is at the mercy of the Sea Witch. Will she spare him or devour him? I leave whatever happens next to your imagination.