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SUPER OLD screen shot I was workin on for Cache.  His Old Design.
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Yaz SUPER OLD screen shot I was workin on for Cache. His Old Design.
Kryptonite 2008-09-08 12:24:24 I really like your style man! very nice!
Kryptonite 2008-09-08 12:25:04 srry for double post, but you should make a character sheet of cache. I'd like to do fanart :P
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wheeee~!  this right here be the best picture in my name drawn to date ;^^  well, more accurately colored.  I've prolly DRAWN better lineart, but never colored it near as well.  Anyhooo, feel like I'm rambling. This is actually the second versionf of this picture..I showed it to some epople at a message board a while back and they gave me some tips and I changed it.  fer example, the shadows used to be alot lighter, and her mouth as different (but more importantly lower)  soo, that's just a little background on the piccie.  Once again, my second picture using the smudge technique, and second attempt at an abstract background.  Like Eshana, this is also a DnD character.  Her name, Terriii, I'm sorry to say, has a history way to long to be explained here ;^^  nehoo...  I better stop typing before I fall into another babble ;P

This is East from The Lost Time, my own self made series. This is supposingly a giftart but I am not sure if this is good enough. -- Inked by Pilot G-tech, color by Photoshop 7.
short story page 1
Dustin C.
the front cover to the 1st issue of aniyi. you can read this issue at 

also go to
some little thai kid that probably doesnt have alot of money
A naruto picture. I guess its a blend between more than one character.
This is a drawing i made when i couldnt sleep ^^
I don't know...(-.-) I just got bored!
Bday card. With an adult tint...
My chibi hatching from an egg xD
Just a bunch of sketches, nothing special ^_^