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I was planning to color it, but now i'm too lazy +.+)/
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Kimiko I was planning to color it, but now i'm too lazy +.+)/
pencil no jutsu 2008-09-07 08:20:39 if you are going to colour it in the future then take another look at her hands (they are to small)
Kimiko 2008-09-07 10:32:24 thanks pencil no jutsu,i know that her hands are too smal, but i don't plan on finish it =]
Zeph 2008-09-08 10:18:18 i really think you should thicken the arms slightly, make the hands bigger, and color this. it's a great piece and deserves the attention.
R0B3R7 2008-09-09 20:16:20 you should totally color it >_> looks great except for what they said :D
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Random art
If you don't recognize this character.. I'm hurt. She's my favorite character from this series (which you all will recognize) and this is the series I grew up with. =P Girlyness. Anyways, she also was the first thing I drew which marked my ability to draw well.. lol. So, here I am, trying to go back to paper and pencil sketching and decided to start with a sketch of her. This all done freehand. I draw her quite a lot so I memorized most of the details. =P Hope you like it.
this is one of my favorite Clamp anime....though childish in mood, the drawings and styles are really fantastic and favorite character is meilin not sakura. i drawn this upon request of my friend who love sakura.
<b>IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE STORY, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH AT LEAST A SMILEY FACE ON IT, SO I CAN TRACK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING IT. THANKS. :D :D :D</b><p> Yes. <p>Please comment. Feedback is most definitely welcome and suggestions will be taken into consideration. =D <p><p>Page THIRTEEN of the story.
My own style Manga
I was inspired by edragon's work. please give me some pointers.
This is my cameleon, I made it just jet
This is an animation that actually burnt into my retna one day. A flying fiery bird.
Critiquing welcome
originally posted at:
evil lizard
An art I did a while ago. Some of you may have already seen it on Deviant. BUt for those who havent; its the cute PeachGirl again! Done with illustrator and photoshop. Well, thats all, gonna get some sleep now. drop a line if you want to. peace
Drew this in painter, this is my second computer only drawing that I'v ever done (I think I'm getting better at it) :3
Finished <:o) The colours should be sharper but never mind... :P
I think this is my first ever drawing showing someone's butt. How's it look?
modeled after my kitty whom i named pippen :)
The third in the series "girls and signs" (def have to come up with a cooler name :p)... I stopped with the second one for a while cos it had too many flaws... this one is better (although she looks a bit lazy, but i think that looks nice!:D) also I need to think of a cool background... any thoughts???