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I was planning to color it, but now i'm too lazy +.+)/
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Kimiko I was planning to color it, but now i'm too lazy +.+)/
pencil no jutsu 2008-09-07 08:20:39 if you are going to colour it in the future then take another look at her hands (they are to small)
Kimiko 2008-09-07 10:32:24 thanks pencil no jutsu,i know that her hands are too smal, but i don't plan on finish it =]
Zeph 2008-09-08 10:18:18 i really think you should thicken the arms slightly, make the hands bigger, and color this. it's a great piece and deserves the attention.
R0B3R7 2008-09-09 20:16:20 you should totally color it >_> looks great except for what they said :D
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looking kool
>>whaT is OekAki?????
I had fun with this one, somewhat,
splatter brushes
he's a zombie, named Kelly :)
Just showing off the finished inks for a commision of Kayaron for his owner, Kossmoe. <br>Colors in Photoshop will be happening soon, and I will upload a sample here when finished. <br>I think I'm going to be paying MWS many more visits from now on. This place really is good online home ^_^.<br><i>~~Bee 5/15/2006</i>
pippen again. newer tho
Just a guy i sketched out. Scanner kinda messed it up but not really. I hope you ENJOY @_@
ive been trying diff. styles. but i alwayz love drawing clothes.
This is Cream the Rabbit of of sonic advance 2 and Sonic Hero's
"the fortune teller" has been an idea running around my head, imposible to make using the mouse ^-^ i really really like this one! (first time ever i say this) except for the hat, looks too flat, needs more stuff. The color work IS messy on purpose. This is the one i really would like everyone to comment and critique ^-^ *hugs you*
Meditation - Picture number 2 of 3. When all three images are looked at, you should be able to see the story being told. (Although this isn't actually colored, I placed it in the "Color" section to keep all three images together.) Mediums used: Pencil and paper. Time taken: 15-20 hours.
Hi \(^.^)/ it's almost christmas holiday in the netherlands \(^.^)/ Yay!!!! This is my bookmarker, not colored yet (@.@)
very hard
Royal Icing manga, pg 34, available on and in print on
now...would you trust that guy?