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Sample Page from FirePath =D
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Yaz Sample Page from FirePath =D
pencil no jutsu 2008-09-05 01:22:10 This is nice Yaz i like it ^_^
AILEEN 2008-09-06 13:50:17 wow! this is great - so dynamic and lots of sound effects, too :)
Kimiko 2008-09-07 07:44:00 O wow,, i want to read it! =]
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Random art
Legend of Zelda copyright Nintendo!

I put this one down as sketch because it only took my two hours to do and obviously looks rushed...
Teaser page for my manga.
Art (c) 2009 Sophie Mann, Squiditha Art Inc.
Sophie Mann
its a photo cuz my scanner is dead :P whole thing cost me about 1 hour. plz comment..

btw. I know his left hand is weird ^ ^
Pg 23 from chapt 10 of AOY
these are Omi and Ken from Weiss Kreuz. I colored it with my new Neo Piko Markers I orderd from Archonia. I also colored it with Tria markers. what do you think?
well this is my submission for the EnterVOID battle i was doin a while ago. a shame that it never saw the light of the internets.
page 3
Dustin C.
Some guys, as you see im not very good in drawing hair, and the 2 guys arent standin with eachother. Just some other practising sketch.
i fixed the head. it's finally done. what do you think?
YuGiOh! fanart. crits would be nice.
look! a creature ^^, i think he is cute, and i am still trying to manage bright colors . Let see .. what i like in this pic: 1- that skull he is holding on his hands. 2- his funny smile. 3- the colorwork on the claws. 4- the outfit <3 ..... now what i dont like: 1- me having a terrible headache >_< 2- after making the pic only 100 kb the skull is almost invisible 3- the fire, i cant draw fire (yet) 4- sorry i forgot to draw his right hand's fingers. 5- purple color is too bright, but i love purple. 6- the idea is not very original =/  ..... anyway ^-^ please comments are welcome ^-^
under a magical sea
Anime Fairy.  Again, done a while ago.  Water color, micron pen, and a touch of acrylic white.

Another character for Attune. A teammate of the main character Aries, Apollo.