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photoshop elemets 6.0 trial continued XP just a quick sketch to relieve me from the pain of homework
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R0B3R7 photoshop elemets 6.0 trial continued XP just a quick sketch to relieve me from the pain of homework
R0B3R7 2008-08-24 20:42:32 gah, hugeness...sorry >_>
pencil no jutsu 2008-08-25 05:31:24 O.o ................ lol ^_^
SunnyGO 2008-08-27 09:15:50 It's a funny pic, try using guide lines for a while.
R0B3R7 2008-08-27 23:04:22 lol i was just messin around >_> but i might try...
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Random art
colored it. Don't really like the clouds that much... might change that later. hope you all digs
the sixth page of princess nightmare
I thought it was kinda fun to use an
actual pic of me for the last
panel, and then sorta 'cartoonize'
it.. but so far I'm the only one
enjoying that lil' joke. I must
admit it's not very consistent.
Fun with fan chars and fan art. More practice with coloring technique. This was done with the 'graphic or marker-like' brush in open canvas instead of the 'oil paint' one. edited in photoshop. yay.

A thank you to all who watch my galleries and journals! Done in photoshop and open canvas.
A one-winged angel based on a character a friend of mine created. I was doing some concept art for him but got sidetracked and created this lol. It's a little dark.. it looked lighter on photoshop before i saved as jpg. C&C please ^^
quick sketch of a schoolgirl 
Manga Art
Naruto and Hinata my fave love team.... ^____^ hope they'll be the one who will be lovers at the end... i don't want sakura to be naruto's love team. i am not against her on anyway, i just like the character of hinata
forgot to mention yesterday.. those other two posts... i did the coloring in painter IX. i had just installed it yesterday and wanted to try it out. those were my first two attempts this is my surprising myself... really didn't know i culd color this well. luvin painter!! also... aphrodite bout the messup with germaine... actually i was randomly looking for sketches to color... in didn't know much bout the character. this one is colored by me ..artist unknown.
Ok, it's a couple days late, but happy Halloween everybody! I'm getting a little more comfortable with Photoshop now, so here's one of my latest colored pieces.
unfinished demon pic.  I don't really like how the skulls came out on the shoulder, but I could still change em.
yes i know, more kirin armor.... but i love kirin armor :(