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Testing out my 30 day trial of PS 6.0 XP
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R0B3R7 Testing out my 30 day trial of PS 6.0 XP
Def Character 2008-08-18 03:21:09 I know you are happy with the results but 3 times the same pic was a bit much 6^^
Wandering_Musician 2008-08-18 11:57:12 Nice. Hiding the hands I see ;)
CynikSama 2008-08-19 10:05:15 great work ^^
R0B3R7 2008-08-19 20:58:29 thanks guys ^_^ but Def, i seriously don't know what you mean O_O
Def Character 2008-08-20 05:45:28 I saw 3 times the same post in our galleria so i deleted 2 of 'm 6^^'
R0B3R7 2008-08-23 20:31:38 oh O_O well im really sorry then cuz i don't know what happened D: i thought i only posted one... it won't happen again i hope >_>
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Random art
Ok, I put some color, but not at all. I was tired that night and prefered let it incomplete. I'm so lazy.. don't you think?
Pchat stuff. It's supposed to be messy.
This is the character that represents my close friend.
A bit of character design. I like the fact that the lineart is pretty neat and I like her 'natural' proportions (not too skinny or too long legs, a normal, voluptuous woman). I don't like her face andthe hair is a bit weird. Tell me what you guys think.
Manga Art
This is just my first sketch i made. I'm still an beginner and i hope others will give me some good advice how 2 do it better.

DBZ dragon! :P Just something I drew from the Dragonball comics :D
i made a sketch of a nurse when i was board ^_^
pencil no jutsu
Heres another pic of Wolfwood
Nina Fine......"ALTER SUMMONER"
Page 2 of Akki Keikan chapter 2.
This page is unfinished. Reads from right to left
I'm still experimenting with open canvas and this came out. It looks a bit messy, sorry for that ^^;;
Custom Major League Gaming controller for Xbox Live member Aridity.

* Removed rumble function for weight loss as wanted.


Other paintjobs and visit my website for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.