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I like it and I hope you like it. This is one of the best sketches I hav uploaded.
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thePutaMadre I like it and I hope you like it. This is one of the best sketches I hav uploaded.
R0B3R7 2008-08-16 16:54:54 kewlio! great perspective
Def Character 2008-08-17 13:45:43 thumbs up for perspective only his left upper arm is a bit to short 6^^ overall good work ^^d
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i coloured the ninjas and i kinda like it ^^  I know the chars are not good drawn but thats because i never liked it at first but now its pretty  cool! ^^  Hope its not too dark
lol sorry this is not really manga, but, i just wanted to add it .. i still hope you like it ......
This character i made it up out my mind, and made it with *Paint* :P, but when i have a better software, like flash or something, then i gonna make it better.
renegade in SD mode. renegade (c) emerson tung.
Persephone is daughter of Zeus & Demeter; made queen of the underworld by Hades in Greek mythology; identified with Roman Proserpina. After being abducted by Hades, she lives in the Underworld for six months & with Demeter for the rest of the year.
Pg 23 from chapt 10 of AOY
very much unfinished but i like it so far so im posting i know i suck at photoshop
This is my pet Vampire, Zepei. He's my vampire/imaginary boyfriend thingy. xDD I am so pathetic. Anyhows. I love him. 

Zepei is copyright ME. ALL MINE. Steal his concept/ drawingness and I will stab you. NOT KIDDING.

Srsly. :S
My own little Tribute.
Summer Dance - CG: Paint Shop Pro - drawn for the summer fan-art contest 2003 on (I didn't win, before you ask). I didn't spend much time on this one, even less on colouring.. it definitely needs more highlights and shadows - September 2003
looking kool
Outlines: black pen
Medium: TRIA-marker, watercolour
Skin: oil-crayons
Background: TRIA-marker, watercolour partial sprayed
Paper type: watercolour; 250g/m2
Size: DIN A3
Time: 25 - 30 h
My image edited... using L pose