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Expperimental blue man :D ...only used blues if you can't tell >_> and sorry for the hugeness XD
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R0B3R7 Expperimental blue man :D ...only used blues if you can't tell >_> and sorry for the hugeness XD
Wandering_Musician 2008-08-15 14:56:01 cool color scheme :) "Im blue dabadebadada dabadebadebada dabadebade da- da- da- da-"
R0B3R7 2008-08-16 16:53:59 lol thx
Def Character 2008-08-17 13:40:31 Ton-sur-ton colouri ^^ nice idea
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Chibi made in Corel Draw, I had alot of fun making this
hey long time no been here, and here I come with some nasty doodles XD I don't really find the time to draw anymore T_T so I end up drawing crap. owh well ^^
This is the destroyer... the final boss of Romancing Saga 3 on Snes.
part three
Fanart of Samurai Deeper Kyo's Izumo No Okuni. I've been working on this every now and then for about a month now. It feels good to get back to at least a little bit of anime. Comments?
My portfolio is coming O_o; I am seriously lacking of pics to show people. Coz no matter how I see, my drawings in the past isn't good enough to put in portfolio. So recently working really hard, hopefully can draw something better. -- Inked by Rapidograph, Colored by Prisma Markers. P.S. Stupid count down: 6 days before my teenagers life ends ^^;
Keira Knightley, though the drawing doesn't look very much like her. I made this one for my boyfriend. Was experimenting with realistic art.
Just in time logged in to stop myself from being expired here ^__^ Sorry guys, I wasn't in the mood for anything, especially drawing so.. Luckily I found some time to practice again.. Let me hear what you think and any comments are welcome (like 'how cheesy' ^_^)
Well, here's the last of my christmas present projects for this year. This one's for my brother, who totally loves skateboarding. What do you guys think?
Can't sleep ...... gone midnight ...... have to get up at seven ...... ugh
Geisha rocking out on a biwa :P
a quick sketch i like
just testing with the imageready (?!)
God, I hate folds >.<;;