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just something i drew during math class.. oh the boredom truly is unbearable xD
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Rika just something i drew during math class.. oh the boredom truly is unbearable xD
pencil no jutsu 2008-08-11 06:39:09 yea nice i like this ^_^
Wandering_Musician 2008-08-11 11:18:45 nice, I drew a lot in my math class too lol
Rika 2008-08-11 13:50:55 thank u :D haha maths class is a nice place to practice sketchin :P
R0B3R7 2008-08-11 21:38:18 gj on this one :D
Def Character 2008-08-13 04:59:23 Cute ^^
CynikSama 2008-08-13 07:00:01 she looks cute ^^
Rika 2008-08-13 10:02:23 thank u!! :D
nuhcole 2008-08-13 22:39:10 i love her eyes! well done.
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Random art
I really had no idea what was going on when i drew this. mah friend ask me if i was horny when i was drawing this, lmao.
dante again...
Anipike Mascot Trixie - Happy Halloween 
Outlines: black Rotring /// Rapidograph 0.10 mm /// 
Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) /// 
Time: 7 h ///////
Just a concept for the main character from the story of Shaun94 on the forum...
xD NikA finished ONE at least xD  so =3 i do like it but there is a lot of stuff going on and everything looks too messy and dark =3 YAY bondage, scars, blood <3 and look there is no purple =D  .... i miss my boyfriend =3
Dragon Ball AF
this is a drawing i drew without an example. i've managed to learn to draw DB very much like the real drawings of DB. first with examples and later without them and now i can draw the characters just out of hand (my english is not very good, my appoligies)
Just practising in coloring a little :) Done with colored pencil.
final fantasy feat. the A-team. cid from ff6©, cid from ff7©, cid from ffu(unlimited)©, cid and mid from ff5©
DO NOT BUTTONBASH!!! I did this one about 4 weeks ago, but I was too lazy to scan it. It was a sketch, but I made it cleaner line-art and coloured it properly, to look better. Well, the full resolution looks better than this. Somehow, it looks unfinished to me. But I'm uploading it anyway, to see what you guys think. Hope you will like it ^^
typical school manga dude! tihihihi ^^
:DDD I spent so much time on the water and the clouds...I'm really bad at that stuff.  I can see so many mistakes right now...! >_<  But if you like this, please check me out at
Manga girl