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post! im not dead yet msw! :)
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yurusanzo post! im not dead yet msw! :)
R0B3R7 2008-07-31 01:19:21 nice to have u back ^_^ her left ourm (our right POV) looks kinda distorted, but other than that, nice detail and expression =]
Rakeria 2008-08-02 02:34:09 Awesome.A bit threatning position
pencil no jutsu 2008-08-02 10:35:12 i agree with rob3r7
kandy_pish 2008-08-02 15:17:52 love it please color it!!!
Kimiko 2008-08-03 07:16:41 Oh looks great! ^0^
Rurian 2008-08-03 10:49:43 i love how sketchie it is :)
Def Character 2008-08-05 09:08:38 Good to see you are not dead ^^ her arms look a tiny bit short though
CynikSama 2008-08-13 07:00:59 Nice! I would like to see this one finished ^^
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Random art
Persephone is daughter of Zeus & Demeter; made queen of the underworld by Hades in Greek mythology; identified with Roman Proserpina. After being abducted by Hades, she lives in the Underworld for six months & with Demeter for the rest of the year.
Old stuff.
Hey MWS dudes ^^. My last upload was a long time ago. Been too busy working and training, that I forgot about my artskills. Well, I've been drawing again and I've made a lot of sketches including this tablet art I made in PS CS. It's a coloured sketch. Tooke me 3 hours. I actually have much better art, but Im kinda lazy with scanning, so this is all digital. Hope you njoy this one a bit :}
I'm a script writer, not a good artist. I mostly do profile sketches. I need a partner.
i love monster hunter. been a year since ive done a kirin armor sketch... so here it is :)
only problem is that i dont know what weapon to put in her hands :(
coloured it
I think this is my first ever drawing showing someone's butt. How's it look?
A pretty little picture of my character, Krice, who is the main character in my manga, and his girlfriend, Necielle, a character of a friend of mine.

What do ya all think? :D


Yeah, I drew this at my friend Katie's house. Other than her wings, I think it turned out okay. I cut off her feet when I scanned it because they turned out bad. But yeh.
Dante-Chan is SUCH a cute Doll >w<

from the manga Vampire Doll
This is my first art what I have edited here(I hope you like it) Any comments are welcome. You will see some more of arts in the future.
Line art! This beast took a while to line.. hope you like it ^^ If anyone wants to colour it, just let me know and I'll send you the high res version. The detail on the original is slightly lost in this picture because of the file shrinking process.
Its been a while again. For those who are wondering what happened to me XD, im still alive and drawing :3

THis is Ibuki I made on my work in lunchbreakkkkohhhh with tablettt. 


This i a recreation of the FF character Yuffie.
Upload a new version!!! But still WIP.

C&C welcome.