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For all of you Die Hard series fans, Bruce Willis =]
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R0B3R7 For all of you Die Hard series fans, Bruce Willis =]
Wandering_Musician 2008-07-30 20:25:15 You totally got his eyes down! nice job
R0B3R7 2008-07-30 22:54:54 thanks wandering musician ^_^ omg i just realized i forgot to color in his eyebrows >_>
Def Character 2008-08-05 09:09:00 b^^
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Random art
I was bored one I made this:P
Just a previeuw of what im drawing and how it evolved.. working on the colored version now.. C&C are welcome.
I was cleaning my room yesterday... ><; and as I sorted through my video games, I stumbled across Final Fantasy IX and I remembered how my second favorite character, Beatrix, looked 12 even though she was older than that. So I decided today to draw her more late teens like. =P This is the outcome. It's just a sketch... a very awkward pose... and a little shading. XD So... uh.. I guess I'm just posting something  for the sake of posting. =P C&C's are of course welcome. Time: 25 minutes
Hi guys, very long time no see. I was so busy with all kinds of stuff. but hey, I've got 3 doujinshi's now. one with 16 pages, one with 5 pages and one with 8 pages. this is the one with 8 pages. enjoy ^^
This is my charecter Momoei.
This was drawn with crayons
Royal Icing pg 53, now in print on and online at
Really quick sketch..tere's something about it what i like but i dont know what exactly xD

cmmnt plz ^^
Manga Art
LM-MENTS promo
Watercolor painting
a droid I will be modelling / rigging and animating for my portfolio website.  Some things aren't rigt (proportions and stuff)  but I'm not a concept artist and the final product will be a lot different
Again for my schoolproject, a concept art I made for one of the enviromnent props. It's somekind of steammachine. I was obviously inspired by sealife in general. Photoshop CS2, tablet and 2H of work.
chara of mine, drew this almost 2 years ago xD (then why the "vesta '06"? I don't know but its definately not '06)