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Meditation - Picture number 2 of 3. When all three images are looked at, you should be able to see the story being told. (Although this isn't actually colored, I placed it in the
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Ceta Meditation - Picture number 2 of 3. When all three images are looked at, you should be able to see the story being told. (Although this isn't actually colored, I placed it in the "Color" section to keep all three images together.) Mediums used: Pencil and paper. Time taken: 15-20 hours.
t1 2008-07-30 13:42:31 its unbelievable you did this in pencil
Risa 2008-07-30 14:49:56 Not only is it unbelievable that you did this in pencil..but it's so clean! xD Love the background too.
R0B3R7 2008-07-30 15:17:50 again...amazing ^_^
micky 2008-07-30 20:18:07 this is like so cool love her armur
Wandering_Musician 2008-07-30 20:20:22 Pencil...? Jeez I could never be that neat with pencil. The various shades you used really create a great contrast throughout the drawing. The armor, sword, and background are all well done and realistic. oh one more thing, you do a great job of making the scene come to life. I can feel the depth of the picture and feel like I can just step through into the scene... it is more a 3-d than a 2-d drawing. again, the time you put in pays off, that much is evident.
Kimiko 2008-08-03 07:19:29 I love your way of shadowing,,and she looks beautiful (^0^)/
baby-marshmallow 2008-08-05 14:17:57 Nice shading and I like her armour.
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