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Ribbons for Sasuke!
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Rika Ribbons for Sasuke!
pencil no jutsu 2008-08-02 10:18:15 lol nice idea ^_^
Rika 2008-08-13 10:10:53 :P thx
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Random art
My first drawing in my new sketch book. The scanner kinda screwed up the color, but over all not to shabby. I hope you ENJOY @_@
My first upload here (I think I joined years ago but I don't remember what happened then). This image is a couple years old, it was done for a friend, so the character isn't mine, it's his.
"nooh...why cant you understand?" T.T
I made this mini-comic for my (ex)boyfriend, we broke up 2 weeks ago though. I decided to upload this one anyway, because I think it's a pretty funny little comic (though the quality is low since I had to resize it XD)^_^
Lozz-art outline by Def C ^^
Def Character
hehe~ I made this drawing a few days ago its about the girl infrond of the drawing her name is Shannon Rikku Sharon Ruby Turner but I call her "Rikku" she's my orginal character 

about the way she looks; rikku is a latin girl
with red lips and red cheeks she, she's not a thin girl but a woman with big breaths she's just a broad woman:)
heres the finished version :3
Manga Art
I wanted to colour something in Photoshop and this came out as result.
I had fun doing so and hope you like it to.
pencil no jutsu
this is just a character i made up to wish everyone a nice easter im realy happy with it
ran into a band on myspace that mixed manga with their music. ex: they have a song for every chapter of their comic. this is just fan art. ill color it later.
 I really don't like this piece, but I will show you guys anyway. :/
i havent uploaded anything in a while... nor had anything to upload :(
This is Buttercup!