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just a picture i scribbled in a second for fun:) stuck in the kiss aswell
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carla maria just a picture i scribbled in a second for fun:) stuck in the kiss aswell X
pencil no jutsu 2008-07-25 11:50:42 i think the chin is (for a girl0 a little to manly
carla maria 2008-07-25 13:12:56 lol it was suposed 2 be a boy... i probley shuda made the mouth thinner or something and it wuda been more obvious...
Lozz 2008-07-25 13:56:00 If it's a guy you should definitely make the mouth thinner (right now it looks like he's wearing lipstick) and lose the eyelashes. The eye itself is nicely done so kudos to you for that. It's just to most people, lots of lashes = a girl. 6^^
carla maria 2008-07-25 14:19:42 u were both right,, i did what you said and made the mouth thinner and got rid of the eyelashes and i stuck in an adams apple to be extra sure lol! let me know if you think its ok now X
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Random art
Hiyya this is my first upload here XD, this is my OC Kaina Mustang. I though this was fairly good so I put it up to see what you think... Kaina belong to me so no stealing please... Thankyou ^__^ Xx
done in an art class, just using my left hand...  I'm right-handed
Another one I've done with the same process as the others. I actually like this one, because he looks very mysterious, but I can tell that some things (like the eyes) could be a little more even, though I think it still looks nice. Tell me what you think! Thanks.
some sketch... not much to say about it really, i just think she looks cute XD this is what happens when i'm bored for 5 mins =^-^=
Wow, it's been a really long time since i uploaded some work here. Time has past ( i think, 4-5 years or so?) and i've finally found the time, strength, patience and will to upload some new work.

This one's about an emo kid getting caught up in a fight after school.

Tools : Wacom Tablet / Corel Painter X / PS CS2
Production Time : App. 4 hrs.

Please do visit my DeviantArt, since i can't check here all the time :
got an idea for a few characters so just "sketched" them out.
Ah. <3 Finally, I get out of my sketch phase and produce something I somewhat like. YGO fanart; Thief King Bakura. He seems to have gotten a haircut. ... this started out as a sketch of some random angel, but the robe looked so much like Bakura's so I had to make it him, even if the hair was... off. :x Prismacolor pencils. Surprisingly, this only took me a few hours. Less than most of my work.
colored, a bit messy..
I haven't drawn in a very long time, i know, i suck =p <br/><br/>
just a simple picture, had quite an issue with drawing the outfit fold for the girl on the right tho ^^; i dunno can't think of any way to fix the problem beside for taking a shortcut and drawing those shaded areas.<br/><br/>

if you can point out the mistake in the outfit, i will be surely grateful. especially if you draw the lining for me to see ^^;<br/><br/>

o yea, i was also trying out different hair style too. its my first time drawing the hair like the girl on the left. i know, i need more practice =(
I hope you peeps played Parappa the Rapper or Um Jammer Lammy in the past. ^^
i thought this would be funny which would you rather have a suppository this big or be probed bahahahaha
I used another artists picture as inspiration of this, so i cant say the idea is my original but i copied the basics and made it my own
science lab sketch
i wanted to try changing up my style a bit... i like the way this turned out and still in an experimental mood...