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just a picture i scribbled in a second for fun:) stuck in the kiss aswell
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carla maria just a picture i scribbled in a second for fun:) stuck in the kiss aswell X
pencil no jutsu 2008-07-25 11:50:42 i think the chin is (for a girl0 a little to manly
carla maria 2008-07-25 13:12:56 lol it was suposed 2 be a boy... i probley shuda made the mouth thinner or something and it wuda been more obvious...
Lozz 2008-07-25 13:56:00 If it's a guy you should definitely make the mouth thinner (right now it looks like he's wearing lipstick) and lose the eyelashes. The eye itself is nicely done so kudos to you for that. It's just to most people, lots of lashes = a girl. 6^^
carla maria 2008-07-25 14:19:42 u were both right,, i did what you said and made the mouth thinner and got rid of the eyelashes and i stuck in an adams apple to be extra sure lol! let me know if you think its ok now X
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I haven't uploaded anything in ages. I'm surprised i haven't been kicked off here.
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i created this while listening blues
and don't mind the hands cause i'm not good at that, so i was done early as you see ^^

jump off a breedge... fly toa beech... when i catch a feesh... i putta inna freedge.
Germaine (in the corner), Star (with the cigarette, Alissa and Peter (the cute couple) tehheee ^_^
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