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Artwork Lozz  
Colour Def.

Meet the moderators of the Warped Wonderland guild on Gaia. ^^
Artist Description
Def Character collab-time Artwork Lozz Colour Def. Meet the moderators of the Warped Wonderland guild on Gaia. ^^
Kheine 2008-07-18 05:29:49 oh how cute ^^
Nasuri 2008-07-18 07:57:24 lol, cute!!
Zeph 2008-07-20 00:27:14 nice job. even a great concept. mangaworkshop should have one. lol
Uezurii 2008-07-20 20:23:43 Wow this looks cute, and the coloring is great! One day.... I can do the same! XD By the way... nah I will ask you by mail..I guess ^^'
tymagic 2009-04-17 17:40:45 thats adorable :3
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Random art
iv decided all the ink i do is gonna go in the sketch catigory.. cause i colour everything i do... this is a pic of my eye
it's a coloured version of one of my older pics...anybody thinks this one's better , or is it worse?
Anipike Mascot Trixie - Happy Halloween 
Outlines: black Rotring /// Rapidograph 0.10 mm /// 
Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) /// 
Time: 7 h ///////
i made it for a drawing contest , yun lang, haha wala lang, wala na kong maisip na description eh
OH MY GOD IT'S BEEN TOO LONG.  *huff huff*  I think this is the first piece of artwork I've produced in eight months *twitch*  and man, have I been missing it.  Anyway, I also found a nifty site -  Tis where I got the picture I drew this from (I didn't know how else to make sure I pulled off their hair lol).  Anyway, I'm plugging that site, because it's awesome, and you can basically find any sort of hairstyle there you want : ) (I was really excited when I found it lol)
His loyalty was questioned  … and his trial was set … … “kill the one who love the most to prove your loyalty to your master and regain your honor… or die as traitor ”. She said how much she loves him … … and that it would be all right to die  … he knows he want be able to live without her … but he only knows the way of the warrior  … tonight he will draw his sword for the last time
Beatrice doll with a colorful outfit I designed. xD
i luv mai.... muah!!!
This is my first sketch I have upload. I hope you like it.
another pos of him i think his left bicep might seem a lil wide but i like the way his pelvic and legs cam out
done in pen and black and red prismacolor markers
Toshiro Kazahana with his girlfriend Kimiko.
Still working on my project. But i have to many ideas and i cant put them all together, kinda frustrating.. Ow, i uploaded this one before, but with unknown text 8)
let me know what you think