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Haven't uploaded anything into the gallery for .. well, longer than most. So, why the hell not.

Penciled by hand, inked and colored in Photoshop.
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The Raging Spaniard Haven't uploaded anything into the gallery for .. well, longer than most. So, why the hell not. Penciled by hand, inked and colored in Photoshop.
AILEEN 2008-07-12 05:33:48 very noice! Excellent colors!
Wandering_Musician 2008-07-12 12:51:03 oh wow! I love the coloring
Kimiko 2008-07-13 08:25:55 the colors are beautiful (>^-^)> very nice!
pencil no jutsu 2008-07-13 12:02:49 yea i agree with them ^_^
Dustin C. 2008-07-13 12:06:10 nice job man. new game character concept?
Nasuri 2008-07-13 14:44:53 Wow....!!! Nice clothes.
Zeph 2008-07-14 00:33:28 sweet job. glad you decided to post something
Def Character 2008-07-14 06:50:40 Heyhey interesting ^^
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SD jet. coloured and backgrounded. jet (c) emerson tung
im a devaintart junkie, and one of the people i watch made an alien race, there were rules to designing a character, and this is the end product i came up with. the link to her site on devart is:
my characters name is Snapdragon, and her alterego is called Grevillea. shes 39, but the alien race"Pheerai" live till there about 300. althought they mature by the age of 20. these are 3 costumes she usually is in

done in india ink, nib, and pencil crayons
pet,buddy or your husband ?

I soooooo love this drawing! it's my best work up till now (I personaly think^^'), though risa's leg's are a bit weard ^~^'. Satoshi Hikari and Risa Harada from DN Angel ©
Hideo, made of bodyparts from Kazahana family members.
angel with owl
Chris Felton © Gabby Oduro

Hurrayyyyyyyyy my first line art ever hurray. They were from a comic I thought of making a year ago but never got the time... anyways Shes is Sara and thats.... I didn't name him, he was human but he was cursed, now hes a demon and blah blah blah, my point is that this is my 1st line art huraayyy.....!!!!!
some embarrased guy what do you think of it
At the request of one of my friend, i drew a sleeping angel for her. it took me a very long time to do, espeically due to the fact that i never drew angel wings before. i had to do alot of fixes to the picture, as well as redraw the wings about 4-5 times with improvement as well as change the style of the wings. overall, the wings turn out ok, needs more practise. i had to reject the last change to the wings cuz i got lazy and tire of redoing the wings agian, lol. the wing took longer than the image itself to draw XD all that is left is to cg it, which im not very good at =( also i dunno what artype i should put this under, lol. start off as a nude sketch onto pencil to inking on ps ^_^;
manned mecha. marine armor (c) emerson tung.
Got slightly use tot he tablet abit. this is my 2nd drawing with the tablet and drawn with it ^_^;; Abit sloppy tho, lol
Eva unit 01 going berserk! Wayhey! This is still work in progress.. in fact I haven't finished the sketch of it yet, I just wanted to see out it would turn out in black and white ^^ I don't normally sketch out my B&W drawings but this one is unusual.. I had intended to do a colour version originally and then thought B&W would be cool too. WIP sketch can be found here: