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just recently got a new ink pen set, and i wanted to try it out! My cousin suggested the tutu, so i worked from there.  i know i need work in some places, so critiques appreciated!!
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Alliesun just recently got a new ink pen set, and i wanted to try it out! My cousin suggested the tutu, so i worked from there. i know i need work in some places, so critiques appreciated!!
R0B3R7 2008-07-10 21:18:37 hi allie! welcome aboard MWS. hmm...critiques...i think you might wanna bring down the hairline. the neck is a little long and the feet a little small too. also, the bi/tricep part of the arm is a little too long. ^_^ keep posting though. the more the merrier
pencil no jutsu 2008-07-11 03:08:00 yea practise is the key b^_^d
Def Character 2008-07-11 16:34:32 Maybe you could let the tutu ly around her so that it is also visible at the back (flat on the ground) ^_^
Zeph 2008-07-11 18:38:56 nice attention to details, however the foreshortening of the legs needs some help. the feet and ankle area are closer to us (the viewer) and therefore should be larger.
Alliesun 2008-08-01 19:48:38 thanks for the comments! yup, i haven't done many drawings at this angle, so i know i need practice. i'll be sure to keep working!
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Random art
Just messin around =]
Trunks fanart. I made this a while ago. I had just watched the episode of the Cell saga, when Trunks realises he can't beat Cell by just raising his power, because he also has to increase his speed. This is the moment Trunks realises that.
Jamie Narwhal and Beatrice. [: My two female characters. Jamie's the one on the left, Beatrice on the right. I was reluctant to color with copics because my new sketchbook paper is sooo thin--that's why it's in colored pencils. Anywho. Enjoy. ;D
*tilts head* hn, I must just be in an angel mood ;^^  This is just me playing around with the oekaki again :3  this time it was my first-ever DnD character Nichole (the biter) and my cousin Kaila's character Asterixxx (the, ah, bitee ^^), better known as Rix,  and..they have angel wings because...because ;^^  like I said, I must just be in a mood xD  *pokes Rix's wing*
I just finish reading Bleachvol. 48-49 and when i saw ichigo final...i just had to draw i did...took me 2 days
This art is from Zetsuai -1989-  ( from Minami Ozaki)

it was 7-8 hours work^^
I hope you like it.
Kingdom Hearts 2 STILL hasn't been released in the U.K !!!!
I had fun drawing this picture.....the weird thing with wings' face is made entriely out of japanese hiragana.....XD
Any comments are welcome :)
A drawing of Team Fortress 2 character Pyro. I haven't posted on the main site in a while and I was suprised the account was still active.
So when I go to conventions, I always see what actors will be there. if there are ones im a fan of, I draw pictures for them to autograph.

I didnt think I would get to meet Aaron Dismuke, voice of Al Elric, so I didnt draw him anything. LO AND BEHOLD I WAS IN LINE TO MEET HIM when I whipped out my sketchbook and frantically drew this picture. luckily for me I had an FMA manga handy for referance @~@ and then he signed it. squee >w< tho im an Ed fangirl, Al (not to mention Aaron xp) is simply adorable~
A drawing for a competition themed 'Medieval' I know her body is too short :(
A must see of mine!!^^ I did this one for this site. Yep, done for MWS!! I created and designed it all by myself. Took me 3 hours to fully complete it. It's all done with the mouse^^
This is the logo that will be on 200+ t-shirts this summer. What do you think about it? C&C
This is the evil person for my manga ^-^ she is screen toned and pretty lol