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Just a quick sketch i'll color soon. But before i do, what should be in the thought bubble? pie, cookies,....
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R0B3R7 Just a quick sketch i'll color soon. But before i do, what should be in the thought bubble? pie, cookies,....
gatrosk 2008-07-09 18:35:39 LARS!
R0B3R7 2008-07-09 21:49:56 lol i dont think it'd quite fit in this bubble
gatrosk 2008-07-10 15:22:12 Very true lars is quite...lars...part of the L at least?
Wandering_Musician 2008-07-10 15:30:02 looks like a kid in a candy store...soooo CANDY
R0B3R7 2008-07-10 18:59:16 Lemon drops it is =P
Def Character 2008-07-11 16:01:29 6^^ froggy?
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Random art
Should be a topic 'Doom' xD Anyway random brainfarts. Again. around 5 hours, photoshop cs. Not too happy with it. Lacks composition, depth and well, stuff. What I do like is the fire-spewing rock over there ^^
a cute lil fairy
Another crappy sketch. It actually looked better when it was REALLY sketchy, but of course I had to ruin it with shading. :/ My art teacher was nagging me to draw some figure art, so this is what he got. Badly drawn. No references. 10 minutes. 8D Go me. It looks like a futanari with washboard abs; those hips are way too feminine. Uh... yeah. Lousy sketch - no crits. I know of all of my anatomy flaws. 8D   - by the way, it's supposed to be like one of those Greek statues that invaders destroyed- hence the lack of limbs and a head. And the very blatant greek-ness of it.
An inverted version of Eden/Saint Vanity, I just experimented and I thought this looked interesting. Chalk style look. (HB pencil, inverted)
There was a couple mistakes...
A bit early for Halloween but had some free time on my hands.
Pchat, Pchat...
Cheza and Kiba from wolfsrain ^^ i just came up with the idea when i was at work =p
Just something I've been wanting to do with my character Erei from Biology. I'm pleased with the end result of a night's work. Erei and Biology is © 2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque

p.s the pose was refernced from an art collection book because I wanted to make her have a shy pose, but i did alter a lot from the original.
Cover page for my new manga, Sealed Memory. I want to use this for a manga competition. -- Inked by Pilot G-tech and Sharpie. Color by color pencil.
Hao with wings
i'm workin on flexability and position
First sketch of the year :)
This is a sketch of the main character for my manga i'm trying to get off the ground. His name is Genesis. Crits please. thank you. ^^