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Dustin C. 2008-07-04 10:57:10 i like the girls pose. awesome
t1 2008-07-04 11:08:41
t1 2008-07-04 11:09:16 oops this drawing is incredible
R0B3R7 2008-07-04 11:39:07 awesome poses, anatomy and style ^_^ keep em coming!
link 2008-07-05 11:00:07 nice sketch! very nicely done. hope to see more
Def Character 2008-07-07 03:30:35 I like this style. Good work. Keep watch on center of gravity with the girl and proportions on her legs though. Here upper right leg (our left pov) looks a bit broad.
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Random art
Gomenasai~! (My bad-.-) I know, photo again...anyway, its ink on pink vanguard. Some random characters i created as classroom decoration for x-mas...^-^
Still, do comment~!
Hi me again, I drew a girl on a swing, hope you like it!!! Comments and critics are always welcome!! ^0^
short story page 3
Dustin C.
this is just a character i made up to wish everyone a nice easter im realy happy with it
Trunks fanart. I made this a while ago. I had just watched the episode of the Cell saga, when Trunks realises he can't beat Cell by just raising his power, because he also has to increase his speed. This is the moment Trunks realises that.
New piccie, done with my new pc. I'm experimenting with textures so take a close look at the bear and her bikini. (I'm sure the guy's will notice the latter ^_~)
If you want let me hear what you think, I appreciate it. ^_^
just a star...XD
I don't have purpose for this artwork lol
This is one of my request-drawings for Gaia. Not that much^^'
This is a quick sketch design for my character. Its not finshed yet, i will upload the finshed picture soon. Im learning photoshop at the moment, its my first picture done with cell shading on photoshop^^
hey there MWS! Yep, long time. Long time... Sketch I made in Dec. 4 months later the upload, how slow can I be? Anyway, I just quickcolored this one, cause it is still a sketch. I have a lot more, also some improved 3Dwork, but i will upload that later. Ciao plastic chin  >:]
A birthday artwork for a online friend  names Yaichi_san ^_^
Yay, my very first picture!
Just a simple pic I did a little while ago that brings happy peaceful feelings to me :)
Another old art remasterd and edited to look better than it did before.

The angels guide the lost souls to their final resting ground
tried new style coloring.