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Kimiko 2008-07-04 16:54:08 Oh wow,, did you really draw that? looks great^^,, but the face of the boy right looks a little flat >< sorry my english sucks..
pencil no jutsu 2008-07-06 10:33:27 yea i agree with kimiko the face of the right boy is a little flat
Def Character 2008-07-06 14:15:39 ^_^all people are different but ehm their backs don't touch?
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S x Z

heh, ironicly the day i upload something new is the same day all my stuff get's deleted ^_^ well it's not actually ''new'' it's an old thing i redrew, only this one has a face on it :D   ah well, i'm back guys ^_^
it workt out prety good
only the dragon is a bit smal...
This is the finished product of that character I scannded in earlier, the one with the unfinished arm...
Anyway, his name is Taro. Comments are appreciated.
i made this art yesterday :)
i was supposed to make a logo for school but i didn't for some reason :P

its not done either, i will finish it soon.

i like it trough accept for some small mistakes :P

hope you all like it!
comments are welcome! :)
mhm XD.. haha

Whoa my account is still alive O_O. Hi guys, long time :)
Yet another late night/ early morning sketch TT_TT
He's the "Krieg Engel", I know kried means war and engel means angel, but I don't know if the construction is right. Anyway, I hope you like the picture.
SD jet. coloured and backgrounded. jet (c) emerson tung
Well, this is one of those things i said someday i would do, "follow the process step by step", and i kinda like how it came out. i hope that the resemblance with Lara Croft won't kill me :7
C&C are welcome until the sun comes down...
this is a picture of a guy my friend and I saw downtown.... IM NOT A STALKER!!! ok so... we were trying to explin what he looks like to a friend but we couldnt do it, so i just drew him instead. it kinda looks like  him... ~~done with a pencil and a ball-point pen, those things on his chin are peircings... they kinda dont look like it.