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I made this for a girl on Gaia online.
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Risa I made this for a girl on Gaia online.
Uezurii 2008-06-30 19:22:36 Whoa this looks great! your really good at coloring, would do anything to be able to do that too >.< that girl must be very happy with this! :D
SHIN 2008-07-01 07:06:42 I like the colouring =3
link 2008-07-02 05:14:40 hiya! really good colours. watercolours? would like to learn to colour like that.
Risa 2008-07-02 07:19:05 Thanks for all your kind comments o3o! Link: No different brushes and normal pencil colors i mess with the opacity alot.
Kimiko 2008-07-03 04:40:06 ohh very lovely colors, looks cute^^
link 2008-07-03 05:23:56 wow, really? pencil colours? its really good. hope to see more of ur work. will post some of mine as soon as possible but they'll be black n white.
Risa 2008-07-03 12:34:03 Link: Haha no digital pencil colours. ;) Thanks alot! Oh that's cool too, i'll try to make a black and white pic too one day.
pencil no jutsu 2008-07-06 10:08:56 doe you have a gaia vigour ? i think its very cool btw (your colour style)
Def Character 2008-07-07 04:11:27 good choise of colours ^^
AILEEN 2008-07-12 05:44:32 all in all, it's amazing! I love the sketchy outline & the solid blended colors. Very charming!
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Hola!! Tanto tiempo sin vernos MWS!!
YES! its done!
I must say I'm verry pleased with the result!
I used marcer and color pencil to color the girl and references from a real CD-box to make the detailes on the CD... finishing touches in photoshop.


This is the first of a small series of girls and signs, tips and idears are welcome!

let me know what you think!
It has been awhile since the last upload (more than two years?) so I hope this makes up for it..
Another of my characters.
My original character. Desert elf, Leef.
21st February, 2007.
Leef (c) Serafina<br>
Art (c) Serafina
Hmm.. this is a difficult pic to explain... In a way, this nameless dbz character looks like me, although I didn't intend it to do so. Anyways, this is my first dbz-like character in color ^_^
ahhh it's being a while since i posted here :D well enjoy peeps!!
Im on this virgue to make non-violent drawings, i dont know why. I just want to make less violent stuff.

This is the second one which contains no blood, guns or anything. Just came in mind this morning when i woke up.

See more at!
I'm REALLY PROUD of this one!! IT looks awesome! its for the MWS fighting character contest. again. I just colored the original black & white.
Dustin C.
This is a pic that has been on the back shelf for a while, im not sure if im going to switch the picture in the background yet, let me know what you think, comments welcome...
just enjoy en if you go a way give it a commend
woo vincent from ff7 
i did this all via mouse on ps
i still messing with it to make an avatar ^^ ill upload the the messd with 1 to later 
finally decided to take the time to color a pic on the computer...used ms paint lol and it took FOREVER!! aah...but it's still not done, i just decided to put it up here for now to see what you guys think
I forgot that no one on this site has seen what I actually look like. So here's a self-portrait. Done in a couple of hours rather than studying for a physics test. I should really start looking and acting my age...