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I made this for a girl on Gaia online.
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Risa I made this for a girl on Gaia online.
Uezurii 2008-06-30 19:22:36 Whoa this looks great! your really good at coloring, would do anything to be able to do that too >.< that girl must be very happy with this! :D
SHIN 2008-07-01 07:06:42 I like the colouring =3
link 2008-07-02 05:14:40 hiya! really good colours. watercolours? would like to learn to colour like that.
Risa 2008-07-02 07:19:05 Thanks for all your kind comments o3o! Link: No different brushes and normal pencil colors i mess with the opacity alot.
Kimiko 2008-07-03 04:40:06 ohh very lovely colors, looks cute^^
link 2008-07-03 05:23:56 wow, really? pencil colours? its really good. hope to see more of ur work. will post some of mine as soon as possible but they'll be black n white.
Risa 2008-07-03 12:34:03 Link: Haha no digital pencil colours. ;) Thanks alot! Oh that's cool too, i'll try to make a black and white pic too one day.
pencil no jutsu 2008-07-06 10:08:56 doe you have a gaia vigour ? i think its very cool btw (your colour style)
Def Character 2008-07-07 04:11:27 good choise of colours ^^
AILEEN 2008-07-12 05:44:32 all in all, it's amazing! I love the sketchy outline & the solid blended colors. Very charming!
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Random art
And another cloud practice on and simple MSN doodle I put in photoshop. Liked the other one better... Might be because I rushed this, it's late here so XD
Two for Tragedy

"Sleep Eden sleep
My fallen son
Slumber in Peace

Cease my pain
Life's just a vain
For us to gain
Nothing but all the same

No healing hand
For your disease
Drinking scorn like water
Cascading with my tears

Beneth the candle bed
Two saddened angels
in heaven, in death

Now let us lie
Sad we've lived sad we die

Even in your pride
I never blame you

A mother's love
Is a sacrifice
Together sleeping
Keeping it all

No sympathy
No eternity
One light for each undeserved tear

Beneth the candle bed
Two souls with everything to be said"

~ "Two for Tragedy" by Nightwish ~

Well... one of my best pics so far. 4 week work to finish it, 50x70 big and with my two favourit charas again... Ayco and Luca. 
I think the Songtext from Nightwish fits this situation perfect, and still I love this song so much!

Hope you like it ^___^
Hideo, made of bodyparts from Kazahana family members.
Work in progress. ? have got no idea as what kind of background I can put behind him
I leafed through my old sketches & found one of the centaur, Chiron (tutor of great warriors; Achiles, to name one). I did well to keep my sektches! Sketches = Ideas. Never throw ideas away! So, I said to myself, "let's make a new centaur - The Centaur King!"
hey its been a while since i posted nething i have a new account,because i lost the password to my old one n my old email which i think is pretty funny,i did this for a gurl i know we both love to draw graff so i encorperatated it in to this pic,my old profile is curse one comments n crits welcom
this is link. Usaly i never draw zelda:p. Enjoy^^

Kakashi belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Here is the sketch.
Hey, is that word allowed without the +18?
Manga Art
Germaine again
another "gaia online" char. ^_~
i have uploaden this drawing on mine old account. Sorry for the inconvenience.