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slight change to one of my characters outfits
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yurusanzo slight change to one of my characters outfits
pencil no jutsu 2008-06-27 10:10:29 i like this one ^^
R0B3R7 2008-06-27 21:38:26 me too! i think its a good style for you ~ a little more chibi-ish
Def Character 2008-07-07 04:50:40 Cute ^^
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chibified rampage. rampage (c) emerson tung.
Yay! A page from the latest chapter of the comic =D.
<a href="">Terror Unknown's</a> mascot, Chibi Death, isn't at his best in the morning. If he had a face, he'd be scowling. And yes, those ARE evil pink bunny slippers! ^_~
If you can't read the mug, it says "Mornings are HELL". ^^
.5mm mechanical pencil -->> Paint Shop Pro 8.1
(okay, so he's not that "chibi", but trust me, he's pocket sized (and so is the mug))
my pal simons first photoshop colored uploaded pic tihihihihiih
i didnt quite finish this one yet. tryin out another style again.
A picture for a friend. It's Okuni from Samurai Deeper Kyo. Comments?
Shanise's friend Elisabeth also wanted an anime/manga version of her drawn by me XD so...her wish is my command?
this one i made for the cdcover of my electro/industrial project 'hexabit' but i'm not really happy with the way it turned out..i hope you gys like it anyway!
Haven't much recent art to show so I put this one up. Was too lazy to actually finish it, but wanted some pointers none the less. Some mayor influences from well known animes, find 3 of 'em and win a fridge. (or just comment :P)
This was the weirdest dream I had. THe only thing I for sure remember was that we were sitting on boxes in the forest, and it was all misty and mysterious. xDD The nightwalker and myself (C) ME.
This is peacock girl I drew at church. [: She is cool, no? I used copics on printer paperr to color. Blehg. anyhow yey. She is (c) me, steal and ill stab j00.
Started in pencil of course then did hard lines in pen and the large shading was with a sharpie
Character interpretation for a guy in Germany.