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Just messing around with corel painter. Crits please ^_^
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gatrosk Just messing around with corel painter. Crits please ^_^
R0B3R7 2008-06-24 09:32:32 i think this is a really cool style if you're going to do the main parts of your manga in it ^^ the sketchyness looks awesome
pencil no jutsu 2008-06-24 11:46:45 nice b^^d
Def Character 2008-07-02 10:31:24 Cooly it has a European comic feel to it and that is ment as a compliment b^^
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Random art

so I didn't get to exactly finish my last drawing, though its well on its way and about done... I just lost my graphic pen when my friend left for school, but I will have access to another one soon. in the meantime, heres a sketch of my friend on her request.
done all in pen...took forever and it's kinda old but i like it :P
Again for my schoolproject, a concept art I made for one of the enviromnent props. It's somekind of steammachine. I was obviously inspired by sealife in general. Photoshop CS2, tablet and 2H of work.
I just got an idea for this fanart a couple days ago and decided to put it down where everyone else can see it. It's pretty much the first time I drew from my head and I'm happy with the results. It's not exactly like I imagined, but I think I got it as close as I can at this point. I used Photoshop and a tablet on everything and it took me about a few hours+ to complete. Ok well, here she is. My favorite character from FFIX, Freya Crescent.
Finally I'm backk. I haven't been here for awhile~

This is the messenger. She carries messages and magic and such to the spirit world from the human world. She does this via ponds and lakes, in which she sprinkles her magic in them and then dives in, creating a portal only she can use. [[Ask to draw her, if you want. [:  ]]
I thought it was kinda fun to use an
actual pic of me for the last
panel, and then sorta 'cartoonize'
it.. but so far I'm the only one
enjoying that lil' joke. I must
admit it's not very consistent.
Hi! Happy holidays people! Here's another B&W Jobby from me ^^ It's some fanart for Avatar: The last Airbender. Close-ups can be found here:
this is page 2! 
read right to left, column by column ^^
this design reminds me of bleach
Winter is on it's way to freeze us all >:0
hey this is my first pic on mangaworkshop, its also my first ever pic that i colored on photoshop, its kind of my tribute to my nyc trip, enjoy! comments welcome...
Yay, Squall fanart doodle! Done during class with my ballpoint, so it isn't perfect. I thought it was pretty okay, but when I scanned it, I started to see more and more mistakes. Like his eyes....
My character from my future dating sim Akimitsu Academy.