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This is a concept sketch of the main character for a manga I'm attempting to make. Crits welcome and encouraged!! Thank you.
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gatrosk This is a concept sketch of the main character for a manga I'm attempting to make. Crits welcome and encouraged!! Thank you.
Zeph 2008-06-16 22:58:33 the head's a little small for the shoulders. but he look main character worthy
gatrosk 2008-06-16 23:05:59 Yeah I tend to have a problem in making people's head too small.. meh. But zeph when you do your work what program do you use to color? jw
Def Character 2008-07-02 10:00:36 aside from the small head 6^^ Does the blade have a curve in it or something? Put a bit more definition on the elbow and wrist of his right arm (our left)
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Yeah, this was on my portfolio that I sent to a place that I didn't get into. Anyways, it's a girl selling apples. w00t
- DOODLE BURST - Before everybody gets crazy of me uploading all my doodles, I decided to put everything in one file XD I - is a girl resting while in P.E. class. II - is Demon Shin form 2! III & IV - boxers ( I screwed up the faces here >< ) VI - ( I see I forgot V XD ) is a cute little girl. VII - holy girl reaching for the skies? VIII - warrior girl with huge cape XD. IX - my gf reaching for the skies. X - my gf in elven form ( because I really think she looks like an elf XD ) XI - a random girl pointng at a fly?
hehe, my dark side. I was inspired by a porn movie to make his pic. enjoy it
Hehe, this is very old! Somebody remember these characters from Beyblade?
I saw some dragon illustrations and wanted to draw some.  This looks scarily similar to the one that I saw, so I'll have to work on making my own designs lol.
this is a samurai girl i got the idea from a bock i read hope you like it
pencil no jutsu
here she is colored. man I still need to practice coloring XD
This is my charecter Momoei.
This was drawn with crayons
i started sketching again:)
gonna work on my chick drawings,want them to be better..
And remember kids,Taekwondo is the sport of kings!
Dead Robot  >____<
^-^ gaara from naruto.. you can see i can't color draws.
ah "NikA did a fan art???" well yes, is more like male anatomy practice .... and yes i am (yet another) a kakashi fangirl =3
This picture looks like a nice gurl maybe baby sitting her brother or some child right? Well if you thought that sorry your wrong. She's a pedophile and planing to do something with him... ;D I'm sick aren't I, lol.
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