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This is a concept sketch of the main character for a manga I'm attempting to make. Crits welcome and encouraged!! Thank you.
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gatrosk This is a concept sketch of the main character for a manga I'm attempting to make. Crits welcome and encouraged!! Thank you.
Zeph 2008-06-16 22:58:33 the head's a little small for the shoulders. but he look main character worthy
gatrosk 2008-06-16 23:05:59 Yeah I tend to have a problem in making people's head too small.. meh. But zeph when you do your work what program do you use to color? jw
Def Character 2008-07-02 10:00:36 aside from the small head 6^^ Does the blade have a curve in it or something? Put a bit more definition on the elbow and wrist of his right arm (our left)
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Random art
hi im new here this is my first picture ever, colored in photoshop
s cry ed
my first drawing with a computer(drawing with a mouse is a real pain in the ass), its a demon, if you look closely at his left hand hes saying something like: hey God! youve got a lil weiner!
looks amazing cant believe i did this with a mouse ... on paint not kidding also i know my fist upload sucks i am going to red do him
Uff, i finally managed to get out of there alive :7  anyway, i'm alive and i brought something with me, i changed the process for putting the colors and i think i finally found one that looks fine :3
Please C&C, i can smell that death is nearby...
I really like how Moru-Moso (the girl) turned out. :3 As for Kuri Kuri Meron (catboy)... eh... could've been better.
The background is totally not up to par. XD But I couldn't produce anything better. So for now, I'm satisfied with it. :3

Tell me what ya think!! :D (and if you have any critics stuff... don't do it too harshly... this did kinda take me... forever. ^^; )
A group picture of me (middle) and a couple of my friends. I've been told the likenesses are fairly good- my friends could recognise themselves! More mates of mine are going to be added but it's 3 of us for now. C&C?
Know wih an attitude that causes her to destroy ..still working on it
I found out that drawing dirctly to the pc is faster (And in my case harder, my mouse is a ***** ****...!!).
its not my best...theres so mistakes but im still prond of it
Manga Art
A pretty nice sketch if i may say so:)
I dont come here often anymore..dotn got the time to draw accept for school..But i finaly did some work of my own again,turnd out pretty okay..
this one's a first in everything: my very first upload, my first colored pic and it's cloud from final fantasy 7, the first final fantasy game I played! I hope you guys like it!