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Risa "The twins" I drew them for a comic that i'm currently sketching. o3o Ona on the left Bonni on the right.
Dustin C. 2008-06-10 18:49:31 good concept, very cute characters. ^_^
pencil no jutsu 2008-06-12 09:07:05 nice colouring ^^
Risa 2008-06-12 11:38:30 Thank you :3!
R0B3R7 2008-06-12 15:29:13 nice colors ^^ but is that devil wing coming out of her butt? o.o
SHIN 2008-06-13 04:21:03 I really like the color combination ^_^ and your drawing style~
Risa 2008-06-13 09:48:12 Rob3r7 @ Hahah no her lower back above her butt ;) Shin@ Thank you :3!
AILEEN 2008-06-13 13:53:09 charming, just charming! i love it!
Zeph 2008-06-15 01:02:53 interesting color choice
evil lizard 2008-06-21 13:26:30 xD so cute!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Def Character 2008-06-25 10:29:19 Yup cute
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Random art
I was bored, and I found this really old drawing. So I decided to color it....and so I did ^_^
Uhhh i had to do this... the other image will be done soon...
The honesty that I will grant is that I only like the cup and the straw, on how I drew it, and the whole concept I had for this drawing
Sozo teki
Lined this pic a week ago, didnt feel the need to color it, but I still colored it, rather made new pics... ah well can do that now. :D so sorry if the coloring is quite bad, just ....didnt want to color, poor excuse I know XD
I leafed through my old sketches & found one of the centaur, Chiron (tutor of great warriors; Achiles, to name one). I did well to keep my sektches! Sketches = Ideas. Never throw ideas away! So, I said to myself, "let's make a new centaur - The Centaur King!"
Manga Art
Not *really* a mech. My computer boy 'Dolly'. He's none to bright, hence the mis-spelt cancel.

It's Gohan (aahh cute) I posted it before but things went wrong so .... here is it again ^^

Zydrate Robber
Drafted this in a schoolbook and ended up messing up the ears, so I had to replace the entire head (>w<) about bad mistakes, but yeah... feedback please? ^-^ <3
Mad-Ichi X3
An old picture it's not finished but i'm too lazy to do that..>.>;;
This is a drawing of one of my main characters in my manga.
An elf who looks sad :( (^0^)