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Strawberrysodapop from my manga "cats dumpling rock n roll"
pencil no jutsu 2008-06-12 09:01:03 lol its a little big 6^^
Dustin C. 2008-06-13 08:33:03 yeah, it is a bit big, try to make shrink it down a bit. 6^_^;;
anyway, it looks cute! only critique i could give is maybe make the mouth a bit smaller. ^_^
AILEEN 2008-06-13 13:55:48 yes, it's big alright but all the better for me to see the cute kitty cat balloon :)
Def Character 2008-06-25 10:28:27 Its big Xp
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Random art
My main character of the story.
Jin Shiden
The main character of the project I'm working on, Tharias Ashkroft. :) Tell me what you think.
Wake Up The Dead -  CG: Paint Shop Pro - EGL/Gothy type girl in front of an old english cemetary. The background is originally a pic from a site about victorian London with some filters applied to it. The quote is from Divergence Eve and the kana reads "Necromancer". It lacks dynamics, but then again.. what else can you do in a cemetary ;P and the anatomy is far from perfect, but for the rest.. I like how the colouring turned out and am quite happy with it - July 2004
fantasy of me? XD XD
It't a "prototyp" a Pre-alfa version.... I think the chin is to pointy...
A 8th grader.
Anenergetic and fun human.
Just something I did in spanish class, tell me what you think..

Not real happy with the scanner, but meh. Gets the point across. :/
an interpretation of "the wizard of oz"

india ink, nib, and red pencil crayon

ok, so everyone does alice in wonderland.... so i did wizard of oz! just to be diffrent:D


Sketch of female high elf warrior. This'll probably end up being a huge project if i carry it on and do the background. I was thinking of having ranks of elves lining the horizon and standards fluttering in the wind, your thoughts?
Just a "sketch" I made at work first with Pen...and because a friend and my gf wanted to be in too I put them in with photoshop. Isn't it totally gangster? lol, anyway will be lined and colored soon, probably
"smile, you two!"... a rough sketch of what's up that day...
A man i have drawn today, luckily, i could use the scanner of my parents =D