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Strawberrysodapop from my manga "cats dumpling rock n roll"
pencil no jutsu 2008-06-12 09:01:03 lol its a little big 6^^
Dustin C. 2008-06-13 08:33:03 yeah, it is a bit big, try to make shrink it down a bit. 6^_^;;
anyway, it looks cute! only critique i could give is maybe make the mouth a bit smaller. ^_^
AILEEN 2008-06-13 13:55:48 yes, it's big alright but all the better for me to see the cute kitty cat balloon :)
Def Character 2008-06-25 10:28:27 Its big Xp
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Random art
Kai! <3
fanart of Suilian by Washuuchan - originally posted at - thank you for all the lovely feedback everyone <3
evil lizard
i guess i was just sketching around in photoshop and this pooped out of my stylus :D
it was kind of experimenting with opacity and pen effects and stuff also :P
Sumilidon, again made by my brother.......
This is a Bunny killer! She doesn't kill bunny's but is a bunny(-lady) who kills ^^; I was inspired by Desty Nova with the bunny ears and this came out! Colored the line art with OpenCanvas.
this is fifth pic of the project of PN's seven love ©. experimenting more on pspX, so i did this to a totally different style to the
these pics have been drawn long ago like since december (but exams got in the way- crap)and i know i need to work on my anatomy, next time i'll post some of my present work up after i'm done with the project.
anyways enjoy.
Castlevania inspired picture... maybe colored soon
Just some line art I drew. Hope you ENJOY @_@
A picture detailing the awe I would often feel as a child when the jets from the air force base would come flying across the sky over my house.
just a quick sketch before I went out,,
One of my earliest commissions, I was paid to draw a Jester mech with extendable arms holding bombs sitting on top a large ball...did I succeed?
Im gonna color it soon
colored, a bit messy..
I know it's the same picture, but i wuz just playin with some effects in the program.