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my first attempt drawing for my anime
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Strawberrysodapop my first attempt drawing for my anime
Def Character 2008-06-25 10:14:12 First tries ^_^? Very good. We want more ^^
Korin 2008-10-11 17:51:44 nice job :D
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Random art
messing arround
The "4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse" is a term used to describe a concept from the New Testament of the Christian Bible, in chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation. Although scholars disagree as to what exactly each horseman represents, the 4 horsemen are often referred to as Conquest, War, Famine & Death.
Know wih an attitude that causes her to destroy ..still working on it
Smaller size, nothing special about it, doesn't look all that great.
blood lust ...
this is another one im working on for my friend redd. its her origi. character astrid.
umm it's kinda faded but just a sketch
finnally we got a more 'interesting' thing to draw at art school ; clothing design for medieval cartoonies...I SCORED SECOND PLACE!!!! woohoo! (not that it's good but...nah)
This is a chibified character from me, her name is Miki. I like the perspective and I hope it came out nicely ^^

i feld like drawing somthing strange,
it worked out^_^
Yep she is bare bottomd:p

I was fiddeling with my markers again:p...i'm happy with the results of my sexy littl kitty girl^^

hopefully you think the same:p
I did this wallpaper just cuz i was bored... if you want the fullversion there it is on DA...
i really love soi of fushigi yuugi...not only because og her costume that i want to try on...mostly..i love her character though she is one of the enemy or the antagonist in the story.... i was interested with her because of nakago being her she is really beautiful like me...hehehe