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This is my first sketch I have upload. I hope you like it.
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thePutaMadre This is my first sketch I have upload. I hope you like it.
yurusanzo 2008-06-08 14:50:08 you uploaded something a while ago but i cant see it :(
thePutaMadre 2008-06-09 07:47:28 That is the same as this
Def Character 2008-06-25 10:12:40 Nice one ^^ keep m coming!
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A guy shooting at SOMETHING...
But what is he shooting at????
this is just a bit of what i've been doing for the tv station that hired me... i post it cuz i haven't been able to do anything else and i felt like it was time to upload something :D
They should make doughnuts this big, I'd buy one for sure XD
hello,i like this one,is a type of mage from ff tact. and wanted to draw it....and i put it here for the ff well what do you think...? it took me 30 finish it..
Well, I uploaded the lineart of this one a couple of days ago, since it's an assignment for school I had to keep working on it ^^ It took me about 10 hours to color/shade it, and I'm sort of happy with the result. Not completely though, there are a lot of mistakes and it's not just the lighting or the proportions! I really don't like the eyes of the girl, anyone have some suggestions on how to do that better? I really want to know what I should have done better, so C&C it!!!<P>Thanks!
sketch, in my style... im currently painting this with acrylics
Not really a sketch, but it is pencil on paper.  I did this for a class project in college, took like 10 hours (which is why I don't really do this type of work anymore).
Sample Page from FirePath =D
Fanart for a fanfic I'm reading called Beautiful. It's Zhang He from Dynasty Warriors
bored at school again, but i think i am going to work this out one day
Hey guys. It's been awhile since I've been on here. I used to go by the name Desty Nova(I'm sure some of you remember me). Anyway, I just remade my account, and wanted to throw some of my old stuff back on here for the new people to see. Enjoy!
kheine, if you are out would be wonderful to hear your opinion^^