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Alter Soldier.......
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reim_paej Alter Soldier......."ALTER SUMMONER"
R0B3R7 2008-06-04 19:46:19 lol this made me laugh =] does he have buttons on his face?
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my very first hentai-like art XD I made it because "someone" asked me to though XD but it was fun making it. comments?
Uhm, yeah.. No comment...
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How do you like this one?
I think she's pretty ^ ^
Fanart of Yuri and Alice from Shadow Hearts...its old..and also my first art I colored with markers...plz be gentle
um.... its cold here and this makes me feels all warm inside, lol

also a tarot card project gone wrong, i ended up changing my idea but i like this one nonetheless
some evil guy ;)
'Tis a picture of my charater A'Marie holding a patched heart. Yeah, I know her arms look weird, but hey, she's a chibi, she's 'sposta look weird and disporpotunal. There are quite of few mistakes in this, so dun look at it closely! TT__TT It'll look better once I figure out my illistrator program and re-do it there.
A fanart "get well soon" icon of Heero(from gundam wing) for my friend, when she was sick...
I kinda started from scratch with drawing,I'm trying to make good poses again,simply because i always draw the same shit.
Does anyone know a good site with nice poses from people?

*edit* i chanced the shades a bit.*edit*chanced it for the third time,deleted the background^_^
u gotta imagine these would be everywhere in midgard city ..
football sketch. speed demon of deimon highschool. eyeshield 21
Dustin C.
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