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A first attempt at a full page of manga :) Currently colouring it in photoshop!
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Joellie A first attempt at a full page of manga :) Currently colouring it in photoshop!
R0B3R7 2008-05-31 12:51:52 cool ^^ why is she wet though? her feet being wet makes sense, but did she go swimming or something? Your water droplets are good though =] lol
Def Character 2008-05-31 15:54:38 Heh he has a point there 6^^
Joellie 2008-05-31 17:30:59 Well she swam. you can see her shadow in the first box :) You kinda find out shes a bit of a bionic woman lol but the story line goes that she is following a few bad guys using this underwater equipment (which is in the bag) but i know its not clear, i was hoping that i could make it obvious in the next page or two :)
R0B3R7 2008-05-31 23:46:05 ah, i see her now =] didn't notice that before. You should make her battle that ginormous fish creature later in the story b^w^d
Joellie 2008-06-01 04:59:10 I may do :) Its just a casual thing really, il do a next page within the next couple of weeks. Im currently colouring this one :D I think i need to at some point develop crosshatch shading techniques etc would probably make it look nicer.
SunnyGO 2008-06-03 09:50:30 It looks pretty good, now for some shading, and may use basic shapes.
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Dustin C.
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picture of one of my teachers at school. i gave him the original sketch and he said he wanted a color-job too. his name isn't Doug, but he worked on the animated tv show. it's an inside joke.
Dustin C.