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A first attempt at a full page of manga :) Currently colouring it in photoshop!
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Joellie A first attempt at a full page of manga :) Currently colouring it in photoshop!
R0B3R7 2008-05-31 12:51:52 cool ^^ why is she wet though? her feet being wet makes sense, but did she go swimming or something? Your water droplets are good though =] lol
Def Character 2008-05-31 15:54:38 Heh he has a point there 6^^
Joellie 2008-05-31 17:30:59 Well she swam. you can see her shadow in the first box :) You kinda find out shes a bit of a bionic woman lol but the story line goes that she is following a few bad guys using this underwater equipment (which is in the bag) but i know its not clear, i was hoping that i could make it obvious in the next page or two :)
R0B3R7 2008-05-31 23:46:05 ah, i see her now =] didn't notice that before. You should make her battle that ginormous fish creature later in the story b^w^d
Joellie 2008-06-01 04:59:10 I may do :) Its just a casual thing really, il do a next page within the next couple of weeks. Im currently colouring this one :D I think i need to at some point develop crosshatch shading techniques etc would probably make it look nicer.
SunnyGO 2008-06-03 09:50:30 It looks pretty good, now for some shading, and may use basic shapes.
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Random art
really wasn't sure about the rating, so I just leaned on the safe side and went ahead and rated it.  Role-playing characters.  The one in jeans is Evan, which you guys might've caught me doodling before.  The other is a friend's character.  Not sure if you want to hear the details or not xD;  lol.
How do you like this one?
I think she's pretty ^ ^
just fooling around a bit in flash mx . its a girl whit her little pet :P. hope you like it
Natsu,Happy,Fairy Tail, Dragon boy, cat, my style, cute, fire
this is one of the few pages of my book~~ this is the only page i'll post here*
i'll post a more on the forum under "breathingishibashi"** i'll also have a
translation put up as well* (though the japanese is read traditionally, the pictures will be read left to right)
i hope there is no inconvience* i look forward to your opinionsĀ™
i look up to you guys sooooo guys love what you do, and you're actually good at it(><)i'm so envious~~
thank you guys so much for everything^^ i don't know where i would be artistically without you all*
I use the program Manga Studio Debut 4 and i used a Wacom Bamboo Tablet to do it. This was my first time so i hope you like it ^.^
a land type dragon i created. for more details check my deviantART. Australian bull snapper (c) emerson tung
ABC NEWS HOUR......................................................
just practicing a little bit of perspective :3
Ryuu, one of the main characters in a manga I'm planning. ^^ This is an old pic, actually. Colored in Corel Photopaint, with a mouse, before I learned how to use layers. ^^;; I know his hair needs highlights, but I was too timid to try and I don't want to bother now. :P And no, he's not a vampire elf, he's a dragon in his "human" form. I also know his head is too big, but he does have a rather large ego! ^_~ Like I said, old pic. ^^;;
This is a fanart of Underworld(Kate Beckinsale is hot...). I loved this movie, it reminded me of my larping days... *sigh* (update)
I made this art a long time ago. its means something i hope you can see that too... OHW forgot too say the scaner sucks the colers are not so Great/pretty animore.
tablets rock
*laughs* I didn't expect that I would like that doodle, so I made a lineart out of it XD ( sorry for not cropping that last one ^^" I didn't know it was so big )