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Merink My Characters from "Outkastz" Susan - Shes one of the oldest vampires in the city, though she likes to blend in Myska - Shes in her lynx form, right hand to Susan, also helps recruit and find people who are different frind sanctuary in the underground hideout Susan has created, under the bar called Outkastz... still workin on the story, lol
R0B3R7 2008-05-22 20:53:06 nice ^^ are you going to finish it?
Merink 2008-05-22 21:35:59 i think so, but i am still trying to figure out a background and what media i wanna use to color it, either water color or colored pencils... what do you think?
Def Character 2008-05-23 15:17:49 Great potential ^^d
Merink 2008-05-23 16:36:57 her neck doesn't really correspond to the the way her body is angled, chaaa. i have a lot of work on anatomy
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Random art
A page from the manga undertaker riddle. It took all day but I like drawing pages like this.
Birthday present for one of my best friends and hopefully future cover for my manga. Yes, I spent alot of time on this. Yes, I'm VERY happy with this one.
because you don't. anybody here listen to a perfect circle? trying to express how much pain is involved when your heart is really broken...i'm sad...
Manga girl
FrogSuits Fun! The common anime frogsuits. Been too busy to create something MWShoppish, but I got bored today. I just opened 3Dmax for a test, and all of a sudden, I made this dude. Took me 5 hours. Its not my best 3D, so dont get confused of how bad i am in 3Dmax :P, I just like the whole frogvibe. I'm not much of a 3Dguy, but sometimes I like to create my designs in 3D. The whole render was done in 3Dmax7 and the particle effects and text in PhotoShop CS. Yep, thats it. Hope you'll enjoy this happy pic ^^
Dressing the Dark Ace as Sydney Losstarot for a Halloween contest... there are days when i just love what i do.  O;;O
Ed is a character that lives in my head. He gets out from time to time. I hope you like him.
Me; as a mage
A sketch of picture from the movie "Queen of the damned"
I saw it some where..
i was bored at school so i drew this in a half a minute. Tried to colour it with paint shop, but it failed >.<
i know it's not great, but i like it ^.^
i havent uploaded anything in a while... nor had anything to upload :(
This started off as a quick, easy draw but it was a challenge to render in ink! I had to start over thrice until I finally got the face right!
hehe, pretty much my freshman year of college