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Merink My Characters from "Outkastz" Susan - Shes one of the oldest vampires in the city, though she likes to blend in Myska - Shes in her lynx form, right hand to Susan, also helps recruit and find people who are different frind sanctuary in the underground hideout Susan has created, under the bar called Outkastz... still workin on the story, lol
R0B3R7 2008-05-22 20:53:06 nice ^^ are you going to finish it?
Merink 2008-05-22 21:35:59 i think so, but i am still trying to figure out a background and what media i wanna use to color it, either water color or colored pencils... what do you think?
Def Character 2008-05-23 15:17:49 Great potential ^^d
Merink 2008-05-23 16:36:57 her neck doesn't really correspond to the the way her body is angled, chaaa. i have a lot of work on anatomy
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Random art
I just got an idea for this fanart a couple days ago and decided to put it down where everyone else can see it. It's pretty much the first time I drew from my head and I'm happy with the results. It's not exactly like I imagined, but I think I got it as close as I can at this point. I used Photoshop and a tablet on everything and it took me about a few hours+ to complete. Ok well, here she is. My favorite character from FFIX, Freya Crescent.
Self-potrait. Not much of a story about this one. There just was one damn annoying fly that didn't know when to stop.

a horse sketch this is from memory^_^ iit has a very preist feel dontcha think im proud of this since i suck at animals><
i wanted to draw an explosion scene its old and the colors off enjoy

This head is rather small.
But I think it looks o.k.
Line art! This beast took a while to line.. hope you like it ^^ If anyone wants to colour it, just let me know and I'll send you the high res version. The detail on the original is slightly lost in this picture because of the file shrinking process.
Hi! Happy holidays people! Here's another B&W Jobby from me ^^ It's some fanart for Avatar: The last Airbender. Close-ups can be found here:
Recent art. It's been awhile since a last posted some art.
Hope ya' like it.
Outlines: black Rotring Rapidograph 0.10 mm ///// Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) ///// Time: 10 h ||||||||||
i just saw the movie 300...and it inspired me for this lil sketch :) by the way...can you find waldo? haha
Wow, I have been immensely bored today.  So here's a doodle of a couple role-playing characters I've been working on between IMs with random people~
Yay! My first post here :) I drew this traditionally and colored through photoshop. This is also my very first commission for a friend. Comments/suggestions are appreciated :)