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This is like a witch with a sword, like killing an ogre... like in mid-air.
It's been like ages since i uploaded something here, hello again peoplz
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killerkun This is like a witch with a sword, like killing an ogre... like in mid-air. It's been like ages since i uploaded something here, hello again peoplz
Dustin C. 2008-05-22 07:20:53 woah! pretty awesome!
pencil no jutsu 2008-05-22 08:46:51 yea cool indeed ^^
Joou 2008-05-22 13:37:56 Oh hey, I saw this on /ic/. I still say the only outstanding problems are the knee and that mini-torso, I don't really care about the hips or the small boobs; it's your character, you can give her whatever kind of body type you want. I do love the shading on the Shrek thing, though. The red lighting is great.
Zeph 2008-05-22 19:43:53 i think you did an outstanding job on this. wowzers
Def Character 2008-05-23 15:11:55 O.O wowie
SunnyGO 2008-05-26 20:35:18 Really good!
AILEEN 2008-05-27 12:33:54 Oh, my! It's just amazing! Very dynamic, rendered professionally!
edragon 2008-06-03 13:21:16 SWEET! love the coloring and the angle. Now I gotta go draw again, geez.
FirstBorn 2009-11-24 10:03:59 We miss you and your art. Please come back! T_T
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Random art
its a photo cuz my scanner is dead :P whole thing cost me about 1 hour. plz comment..

btw. I know his left hand is weird ^ ^
character concept 'Kimiko' ^^
Another HKR pic
Poster Animecon2007 of Slovakia
/// Outlines: black feltpen 'COPIC - Multi Liner' 0,05 mm 
/// Medium: TRIA-marker, aquarell 
/// Paper type: offset; 200g/m2 
/// Size: DIN A3 (29,7 x 42 cm) 
/// Time: 18 h 
My entry for Nyanko-chan's mega group collab. A chance to draw one of my guys, and you know I had to draw my favorite sweety, Simon!<br><br>

This only took a few short hours, pencil sketch in my sketchbook, lightboxed onto card stock and pencils tightened, then inked with good ole india ink and brush, tossed on the copy machine and transfered to card stock, then marker painted with Prismacolor markers, white gel pen and white colored pencil.<br><br>

This is my watermarked larger version. Nyanko gets the resized unstamped version for the collab.<br><i>

a woman warrior
this is the cover of my naruto doujin which i never finished :)
In-joke doodle, but I actually rather like the sketch, so I decided to submit. Probably because it's rare for me to draw someone that's not just standing there. It's still rather static, but it's an improvement just the same. D: I may or may not ink this. It IS just a 15 minute doodle.

Um. You're probably wondering about that stupid staff. It's the BOON staff. 8D It is made of win and badassery.
well this is my a3 fan-art of link. well the eyes are badly drawn because if draw them on the pc. (well i draw them on paper but ireased so mutch that there was a hole in the paper :P) but ill changes the eyes wen i inkt it. i used a pic somewhere from the net from a preference for links clothes. the dragon i did do design myself ^^, well injoy C&C are welcome
I hope you like this one^^
i know this isnt a cat but i hope you like this "cheeky cow" anyway lol^O^ ^-^ ^O^
Manga Art
"the fortune teller" has been an idea running around my head, imposible to make using the mouse ^-^ i really really like this one! (first time ever i say this) except for the hat, looks too flat, needs more stuff. The color work IS messy on purpose. This is the one i really would like everyone to comment and critique ^-^ *hugs you*