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fanart of Suilian by Washuuchan - originally posted at - thank you for all the lovely feedback everyone <3
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evil lizard fanart of Suilian by Washuuchan - originally posted at - thank you for all the lovely feedback everyone <3
pencil no jutsu 2008-05-18 04:05:57 nice i like the colouring ^^
Joou 2008-05-18 14:33:55 The coloring is good. I like the use of purple in the skin. The anatomy is fairly funny, though. The fingers don't have any joints and are quite long, for one. There's not much in the face as far as structure goes and he(?)'s missing the inside of his ear. D: The lines could also be cleaner, maybe use a different tool for those, or if it's traditional inking, maybe clean them up when you scan them.
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Hehe, this is very old! Somebody remember these characters from Beyblade?
for The Raging Spaniards competition!!!!
maybe I will use this as a fighting character , but more of a magic user...he fights by manipulating his shadow to form weapons...I'll stick to this one 'till I make a better one...o_o
my friend did a shaolin piece so I did this for Karate.
I like this one. It's my version of "death" everyone draws it like a dude with a skeleton face like the irritating characters in that old cartoon called: skeleton warriors. I don't like the skeleton warriors \o/
He's the "Krieg Engel", I know kried means war and engel means angel, but I don't know if the construction is right. Anyway, I hope you like the picture.
aeris from ff7 (my fave game in the world) in my own coulors
awwwwwwwwwww!!! poor mizu! being egnored by everyone *hugs mizu* it at the same time introduces al the mainchars from Link ©
Kirin again :3 one of my characters.
~Fun in the Water~

My 1st post here! :D

I wanted to do a scene with hot sand dunes, cold water, and a hot bikini babe in DOAX style, and this is what came out. Takes a lot of patience to make water look like water, and I am still not sure about the splashing bits because creating that in 3D was a bit of exausting. Here I tried some rather challenging light and water effects, where in the end greenish water somehow looked better than bluish. ^_^  This tropical oasis attracts some odd animals, but nothing that will keep Hiromi (here in DOAX cosplay) from having fun in the water! :D

Thanks for coming by!

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manga im working on 22 pgs so far its at
From left to right. Kara, Sapphire and Miyoko. These are the StarRunners, the girl section of the StarCrash team. I love drawing team shots n i really like how this piece turned out, rather than putting them on the same background i raised them out of it and put different backgrounds behind them matching their colours. By lifting them out of the background i think i made it look like their all in one picture and not seperate ones keeping the defintion behind them. This piece took about 9 hours to do.
Furapujaku no Bouken
Dustin C.
an old drawing that I found in the dust under a nintendo 64