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Just a drawing of an angry dude. I think it could use more detail but I think it's quite o.k.
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S-P-H-I-N-X Just a drawing of an angry dude. I think it could use more detail but I think it's quite o.k.
Kryptonite 2008-05-09 07:24:44 Well, your heads and faces are nice. Just concentrate on the human anatomy. Nice drawing!
pencil no jutsu 2008-05-09 11:23:23 i agree with kryptonite ^^
Def Character 2008-05-09 17:34:07 seconds that ^^
Narru 2012-07-31 19:03:12 i really like your art style good work
James 2012-11-27 02:17:06 Good art style I like it...somehow reminds me of samurai Jack
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Marker fun~ A gift for my friend on DevArt (OniKitsueSlinky).
i was practicing my realism, but it turned out kinda manga styled.. Hope you like it!
Well...don't ask me what is this...coz I don't know...I was high ;)
This one is also verry old:p

But i made her look a bit better^^

The tree spirit^^ or also known as DRIAD!...Lives in the woods far out of impure peoples sight!...this creature mostly appears to virgin men to drain them from their life force^^ ((i never said they were good:p))
hehehee... my master who taught me how to ice skate....

after the ice skating event, i was kinda surprised that i was brave enough to even ask some of my friends to go for an ice skate in mall of asia....

later did i know that ice skating is not that easy... thanks to my friends who really made it possible for me to learn how to ice skate (kahit medyo nagtampo ako aksi biglang napostpone....)
simply coloured using adobe photoshop CS2
>>swEEt MeMory...(^.^)
My elf draft what do you think
page 7

that should do it for now~~
sorry about the awfulness
It was a work for a client.
Rael Mochizuki
So yea, after i finish the orginal drawing, the guildmates took the picture ink it, and colour it. Afterwards, we all work together to make the changes, add in the text and other things. the credit goes mostly to the guildmates that work together to get the final result.
OMG.  WHY this image has been in my head for so long, I very honestly don't know o.O  you guys might notice some similarities between this one and an earlier pic of mine...those aren't exaclty coincidental ^^  of course, this time I had access to a real oekaki board instead of paint!  all rejoice! xD  That's the best freaking tree I've ever done, too.  :3  hehe