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This is my first try on Corel Painter IX.5
Hope you like it.
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Saitsuharu This is my first try on Corel Painter IX.5 Hope you like it.
pencil no jutsu 2008-05-08 07:13:13 yea
Def Character 2008-05-09 16:02:31 Looks good. Real skinny though but I guess that is a matter of taste 6^^
SunnyGO 2008-05-26 20:40:09 This is a nice drawing
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unfinished part 2
this is the farthest ive gotten on this
sigghh i will never finish this
sorry =/
This is my first draw thing  ever, It seems this is even the last one. , I'm not good like you people x) äähm never mind it. ( Sorry for my English , I'm Not Good In English :P)
Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Painted with really watered done acrylic
I redid my last drawing with ink to make it look better and finished :)
Naruto's daughter from my fanfic on Anime Spiral, it's called Nana Seven Tails are Better Than Nine.
Inked the wallpaper
Sooooo sleepy, too many late nights *yawn* -_-'
harry potter, the rescue. if you've read the order of the pheonix you'de understand.

SPOILER!!!!!!!!DONT READ IF YOU HAVNT READ IT YET!!! so the characters in no particular order are ron, harry, hermoine, neville, ginny and luna. done in ink and pencilcrayon
Another futuristic char design. I'll probably never use it anywhere. =D
a sketch of a close friend of mine.
i drew a tribute to vegeta because hes one of my favorite characters and is one of the most changing.
hmm....i had nothing 2 do so i made this, 1st i scanned my drawin then i did some editting with photo shop ~_~
2 lazy 2 make a background
Watercolor painting
The coloured version of evil guy ^_^ .. I'm not too happy with it though .. I always get so jealous after seeing other people's artwork here that I overdid this one a bit too much .. Also, I don't really care about lightsources as you can see ^_^ .. Comments please ..