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Erm... I don't know what to say about this one... Just look and comment...
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S-P-H-I-N-X Erm... I don't know what to say about this one... Just look and comment...
Def Character 2008-05-09 15:59:23 His arms look a bit like sleeves but all and all a very nice stylistic design ^_^
Waccom 2008-08-05 03:08:40 Deze is wel Superrrrrr mooi!!!!! Hoe krijg je het voor elkaar om die kleur stellen zo mooi te krijgen? Het ziet er namenlijk echt gelikt uit (tot in detail) Maar ja ik ga weer, Mzzl Gr. Rj
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Random art
Merry Christmas for year 2007
Haha, haven't been here in AGES. Just figured I should post something SOMEWHAT recent-ish. If one can call a year ago recent, but yeah, spring time angel, enjoy.
pleez leave comment
fanart for chico:D (old drawing hihi)
the third page of princess nightmare
[updated: her left leg shadows ... now it looks like dirty >_<   ]warning: mature theme!!!. She is so beatiful, i am in love <3. Yes i made her chubby and yes her high heel shoe look smaller than normal on purpose. Now what i like: 1- she <3 2- those wires at the background (aka: i am a lazy background artist) 3- the colorwork on the hair and her left glove (the rightone suck). Now what i dont like: 1- i hate doing skin shadows black .... they look so unnatural ?? but her skin is very pale so pleeeeease tell me what color to use as shadow! X_X 2- shadows on her right leg .... they are just wrong (this is what i've  updated). Please tell me about the skin color because i want (and i will) redo it later. Comment are welcome ^^
hey there MWS! Yep, long time. Long time... Sketch I made in Dec. 4 months later the upload, how slow can I be? Anyway, I just quickcolored this one, cause it is still a sketch. I have a lot more, also some improved 3Dwork, but i will upload that later. Ciao plastic chin  >:]
a little bit inspired by the models in magazines
Long time no see 
meep tis me in chibi form!
done with my markers that i got for my bday ^^
go here if you wanna see summore hi res and new pics of mine ^^
Finally finished it, took me over 6 hours!!! C&C welcome^^
Fan art of my friend, Garyu and her bf, Ah Fun.
Is simple....T_T
I found no effort ahaha but she likes it LOL that's strange....
The Host Club raising money for Children in need, Hikaru and Kaoru are giving free make overs for girls in foster homes.
It is a mutant boy. ^_^ 
I hope you like it.