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This is a drawing I made for the Aniway magazine.... I think it's quite nice actually. Sorry it's so small :3
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S-P-H-I-N-X This is a drawing I made for the Aniway magazine.... I think it's quite nice actually. Sorry it's so small :3
Nick 2008-05-07 16:33:50 the linework and symmetry are amazing, something I should take a lesson from. I find the torso proportions to be a bit funny though.
S-P-H-I-N-X 2008-05-08 06:36:39 Yeah... I made this out of a hand sketch^_^ I think the torso's kinda funny too...
Def Character 2008-05-09 15:58:07 hehe it is a lot of creativity that's for sure ^^ Love the detail. Keep working at those proportions 6^^
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I've been off for a while but here I am with some new work, no sketchy sketchy this time XD but colored line art ^_^
HEY! LONG TIME NO NOTHING! Im planning a big update later tonight, cause god knows you never get any comments at this time of day... haha, so for warmups Im just posting the color version of this old sketch. First time I colored a pic with a tablet if I remember correctly. Anyways, hope you enjoy it, more later
The Raging Spaniard
I would have given this a background, but I did it on some scrap sketchbook paper that already had some other doodles on it. :/ He also had a hand, but it cam out kinda blobby and made the picture look rather ugly. This is the result of me experimenting with some new coloring techniques with my Prismacolors. If you want to critique it, just focus on the coloring. The anatomy is crap, I know. 8D

'Tis a picture of A'Marie with her wings out. A most painful thing for her, I might add, for the machinary is ripping her back open. >_< Well, actually she can't feel it... Long story.)Anyways... I started this like, last month, then forgot about it, then finnaly finished it at 12:30am yesterday night for an example at an art auction on Gaia. I'd have to say I'm happy with it, even thought most of the detail was lost in the resizing... and she doesn't look as insane as she does in the original. TT__TT
one again^^
its not my usual style but i think its cool 6^^
pencil no jutsu
Anubis (in one of his forms)
Beatrice and Darien. I redid their design so that they look more like kids in some aspects.
First page of my manga. :D
Sophie Mann
ive been busy with making digital wallpapers, so i figured i'd do something back in my style. Hope you like it