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Hey guys, I've neither drawn nor submitted much lately, but I'd like to turn that around.
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Avaeccus Hey guys, I've neither drawn nor submitted much lately, but I'd like to turn that around.
pencil no jutsu 2008-05-01 04:53:14 is hie bleeding ?
Avaeccus 2008-05-01 21:32:32 I guess?
Def Character 2008-05-02 16:06:29 Good one ^^. Oekaki, paint or whiteboard-doodle?
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Random art
I practiced a little more on the body parts, let me know what u think about it!
originally posted at:

new color scheme and new concept ^_____^
evil lizard
This character i made it up out my mind, and made it with *Paint* :P, but when i have a better software, like flash or something, then i gonna make it better.
a boy
Tachi's Model Sheet for VOID, hope you like it!
Dustin C.
....aaaand, continuing from the previous picture, behold, him now, in fancy clothy... stuff. Yeah.
what i drew quite long ago when I first got a tablet :D
I messed up a lot of things... particularly shading i think.
He is an person or tracks down the criminally insane. He is schizophrenic.
By the way this is a rushed pic so a better one will be uploaded soon
No topic, but lots of words. Here's basically a scene out of my manga DreamWorld of Dante (aka Death) staring out only to see Tabi. The scene is that Dante(Death) saw someone but couldn't find her, so he sits in the cafe with Lorlei(Angel of Justice) and Billy(Angel of Love) when all of a sudden, he sees her, so being the awesome guy he is, he proceeds to just stare out at her, and since he's Death, he's cold which explains the ice on the windows.  Now this one took me a while, but I like how it came out. There are things on Tabi that I would love to go back and change though.

Drawn, inked, colored, about 30 layers, painted all on Photoshop CS with my wacom tablet. Took me a good amount of 4-6 hours.

Tabi, Dante, DreamWorld and all its characters are copyrighted 2005 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque
It's a Chibi
His loyalty was questioned  … and his trial was set … … “kill the one who love the most to prove your loyalty to your master and regain your honor… or die as traitor ”. She said how much she loves him … … and that it would be all right to die  … he knows he want be able to live without her … but he only knows the way of the warrior  … tonight he will draw his sword for the last time
i created this while listening blues
and don't mind the hands cause i'm not good at that, so i was done early as you see ^^
I wanted to do some zombie stuff, this is what I came up with.