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well.. my plan for this is a comic cover but..whatever
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zheiden well.. my plan for this is a comic cover but..whatever
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-27 16:09:16 lol its verry nice i like it ^^ colour it!
Nick 2008-05-02 06:01:34 Very good! The face is still a little bit 1 dimensional though. Try giving the nose more depth and make the mouth a tad more detailed.
Def Character 2008-05-02 16:01:13 Nice. When designing a cover keep in mind that there also needs to be space for a title.
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Random art
Long time no fineliner 6^^

Hi hi everybody, I am still around. It has been a while since I uploaded something. So I picked up a fineliner and did a random drawing. Although I might be influenced by de manga Hellsing, hence the round glasses. Now I'd like some real crits so let me have it b^_^
Def Character
Trees have dropped their leaves...
After a year of compulsory military service (and inactivity -_-) I am back :P
I am really happy ‘cause this account still exist …although I doubt if anyone remember me XD
Anyway to cut a long story short I draw this sketch to test my rusty skills in drawing bodies thus there are no cloths (although if u take a look at the girl… u can tell that I got a bit carried away :P) 
Oh and this is my first serious attempt to draw legs and foots … ‘till now I was just neglecting them in favor of face  ,upper body and boredom ……… so please be kind enough (lol  ) to make some useful comments
btw in HD :
My friend Brea, with all the quotes said at our lunch table. The funny ones, at least. xD
lol happy x-mas to all of you!^_^ it haves bean a long time mws hope you like it
pencil no jutsu
heres my new character shes fisty and bubbley :3 i thought i will go for a playfull and cute pose please let me know wat u think of her^-^(i know the floor and drawers are bad but i just wanted to finish it=^-^=
Trying out some new things :3
plz comment
One of my fav chars in claymore, highly under used, i drew this off of a chibi type drawing, came out in my own style hehe.

artwork title: Sapphire is your smile

original artwork by me!
3 hour work in photoshop 7. its my gaia avatar xD on fire !!. i really like how it turned out :3
and more colour practice
my friend wanted me to work his drawing out. so I did. this is....nameless....
I made this whit my friend dynasty sat hope you like it C&c are very welcome